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    • mckenziej2

      Just thought I should enlighten you to a couple of things. First off, one of the most exciting outcomes for me of our last World Series win was the news announcement that Saint Louis was voted as having the most respectful fans in baseball. Unlike some teams, we can take pride in our players and our team without slamming other teams (except the occasional playful Cubs remark) and without rioting and violence. Second, I understand that as a Mets fan you are probably from or living in New York. So you don’t likely give a damn about the historical importance of the Arch to begin with. On the off chance you will actually read this, allow me to explain. The Arch symbolizes the Gateway to the West. It stands on the banks of the Mississippi River, where Lewis and Clark officially started their expedition. It was once the furthest point West anyone had ever gone, and the point from which Westward expansion began. I’m sorry that it doesn’t have fancy lights or nifty gadgets like your big shot New York memorials, but asking what it does is like asking what the point of the Washington Monument is. There’s no flipping point and it doesn’t do anything. It’s here to honor the history of a place through symbolism. You can go up inside of it and gaze out over all of Saint Louis, by the way. I suggest that next time you write an article slamming a baseball team, you should consider first how you would feel if someone wrote a rather ignorant article about your team, second how ignorant and petty the article makes you look, and third whether the things you have said actually make sense and are valid points. Proof would be nice too, but this is the internet. For example, I mentioned earlier that Cardinals fans were declared the nicest fans in baseball. Here is a link to an ESPN article about why Cardinals fans might or might not be the best, authored by a Seattle sports columnist who has no reason to favor the Cardinals team. If you consider the “why nots” of this article, they are not really bad things being listed, just comments that we might be a little too easygoing and that we magically became obsessed with squirrels (which was actually already a St. Louis thing. We were all already marginally fascinated by and obsessed with squirrels.).

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