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    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Stealing Brendan Fraser's Soul

    He may be one of the most charismatic actors in the world, but I've got proof that he is actually siphoning off the soul of former charismatic actor Brendan Fraser

    1. It All Started With The Mummy Returns

    Universal Pictures / Via

    In 2001, The Rock featured as a bad piece of CG in The Mummy Returns, a film starring Brendan Fraser. Dwayne needed a way to stop his potential future as a PS2 cutscene, and saw a way out through the soul of Brendan Fraser.

    2. The Rock Takes The Franchise

    Universal Pictures / Via

    A year later, The Scorpion King was released. Starring The Rock, with no Brendan Fraser in sight, the installment wasn't a huge success, and was probably the last nail in the coffin of the waning Mummy franchise. Incidentally, this film was the first to star The Rock in a central role, and the Mummy franchise was currently Brendan Fraser's biggest.


    Wrestling Media / Via

    The Rock spent the next few year splitting time between wrestling and starring in action movies, as Brendan Fraser all but left out screens.

    4. Brendan Claws His Career Back

    New Line Cinema / Via

    In 2008 Fraser starred in the successful Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and suddenly the star found himself gracing billboards, screens and hearts once again.

    5. Brendan Cameo's in GI Joe

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    A year after he was reborn in Journey, Fraser made a cameo appearance in GI Joe. Newer audiences were bowled over to see the guy from Journey appear on screen, and older fans were pleasantly surprised at the mix of nostalgia they had seeing George of the Jungle alongside GI Joe.

    However, a dark cloud was forming, as Dwayne Johnson started to further himself from wrestling to pursue acting.

    6. The Sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Dwayne, you are one cold, cold guy. In 2012, the assault on Brendan's soul began in earnest, as The Rock started his fully concentrated acting career the only way he knows how.

    7. The Counter Attack

    Tristar Pictures / The Weinstein Company / Via

    Brendan Fraser tried to beat The Rock at his own games. In 2009, Dwayne had lent his voice to the Planet 51, an animated movie about a human landing on an alien planet and scaring the residents. Not long after Journey 2 came out, Brendan acted in Escape from Planet Earth, an animated movie about aliens landing on our human planet and being scared by the residents.

    From a box office perspective, Planet 51 fared better. A brave attempt at hitting back at his rival, but ultimately a failed one

    8. GI Joe: Retaliation

    Paramount PIctures / Via

    Another victory for the soul sucking demon Dwayne Johnson, as he takes Brendan Fraser's cameo, and ups him with a starring villain role.

    9. Brendan Goes to TV

    History Channel / Via

    This year, Brendan Fraser took on a role in the ensemble-powered Texas Rising, perhaps hoping that TV may be his salvation. He had smaller roles on TV shows in the past, such as Scrubs, and now it looked like he could live out his twilight years as a star on the smaller screen.

    10. Dwayne Also Goes to TV

    HBO / Via

    The Rock is a monster who cannot be stopped. He will soon completely devour Brendan Fraser.

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