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    Why Give Back To The McDonogh Fund?

    Because in between studying for exams and the occasional drama with friends, we learned a great deal, had teachers and coaches who loved us, and experienced some really awesome things. Need more convincing? Give back because…

    1. The Young Alumni Challenge: We need less than 50 more supporters to reach 25% and receive $25,000. Whatever you can give... $5, $25, or $100... your dollar will make us holler!

    2. A part of you will always bleed orange and black….

    3. For the last 20 years, our beloved Billy Ray has given to The McDonogh Fund to support the place and people he loves most. WE are the reason he gives back.

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    4. Alumni before us gave back to enhance OUR educational opportunities, so now’s our chance to pay that gift forward. Give the gift of the McDonogh experience.

    5. Only at McDonogh would your history teacher have an alter ego named Buffe and kick off Spirit Week like this:

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    6. It's SO easy. To charge $10 to your cell phone bill, text MCD to 85944 and reply YES to the confirmation message.

    7. You did this on ’80s day, and it was awesome.

    8. Recognizing the relationships you built at McDonogh is the best gift of all. Did you know you can contribute in honor or in memory of a teacher, coach, mentor, or friend?

    9. There was always that kid who was so excited...

    ...and managed to make you smile.

    10. Whether you began your life’s work dancing at McDonogh, did the Macarena at prom, or danced in the rain… you gave it the best of whatever you are.

    ...and it was awesome. Like this.

    11. Everyone had this photo taken on the first day of school.

    12. Public speaking in real life is no big deal after having to do Oratory or take Mr. Van’s speech class…

    13. You were a member of an amazing team...

    .. and you learned so much from your coaches...

    ...and our spirit was what made our school feel like home...

    14. Taking a break was just as important as studying!

    15. That moment when you realized your hard work paid off!

    16. You were a member of a club.

    ...and THIS Badminton Club photo made it into the yearbook.

    17. The McDonogh Fund supports all areas of school life, including academics, scholarship, the arts, and athletics. Did you know you can designate your gift to a specific department or area of interest?

    18. We find joy in work and in play...

    ...and because our teachers do, too.

    19. Some of your best friends then... are your best friends still.

    20. You had opportunities to go on choir tours...

    ...bay trips, ski trips, and Spain trips...

    21. Sometimes, your classmates totes predicted it.

    22. We learned how to overcome many kinds of hurdles…

    23. The last line of the Dedication Hymn (The Founder’s Day Song), “So that when at last we leave thee, we shall leave the grander still, nearer as thy founder dreamed thee, dear McDonogh on the Hill.”