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40 Thoughts That Immediately Hit You On A Summer Friday

SO many things you could do with your weekend of fun in the sun! Enjoy every last second before summer's over and head to McDonald's for a $2.50 Double Combo with a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries before it's gone!

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At participating McDonald's. For a limited time only.

[You step out of the harsh fluorescent lighting.
No more recycled office air.
Now it's just you and the late-afternoon sun.☀️]


2. Seriously, though, how did I make it through the week?

3. No one should have to work in the summer.

4. I think I drank ALL the coffee in the office yesterday.

5. Pretty sure I say that every day.

6. Wait, what am I doing???

7. I'm wasting the first minute of my precious summer weekend with these NON-summer-weekend thoughts.

8. I should be on somebody's rooftop by now.

9. Or in a car to the beach.

10. Man, I wish I had a car.

11. Maybe this weekend is the weekend I buy one...

12. I could grab my friends and drive to the mountains!


14. Though just hitting the pool all day sounds pretty sweet.

15. Do I have any clean swimsuits???

16. I should probably go buy a new one just in case.

17. Also, I NEED an underwater camera. SO many missed photo opps.

18. Shopping is just wayyy more fun in the summer.

16. Nah, it's going to be too nice for shopping this weekend.

17. Am I am literally going to spend ALL of Saturday and Sunday outside?

18. Heck.

19. Yes.

20. I'll even sleep outside under the stars!

21. Except the last time I did that I woke up with ants all over me...🐜🐜🐜

22. I guess I can make an exception for sleeping.

23. Gotta take advantage of that AC window unit that took me FOR.EV.ER to install...AMIRITE?

24. Wait, how have I not been to a beach bonfire all summer?

25. I've seen so many people post amazing beach bonfire pictures... UGH...FOMO.

26. Also, do people even have block parties anymore???

27. Those were the highlight of my childhood summers.

28. ~Oh, to be young again!~

29. It's official. I'm going full-on kid this weekend.

30. Firefly catching, sandcastle building, diving board OWNAGE.

31. YES, I can do a summer craft too! DIY ON FLEEEEK.

32. I should totally have a garden. AND a patio with an aggressive number of string lights.

33. Summer INSPIRES me, man.

34. Are there any concerts happening this weekend?

35. That reminds me, I NEED to get tickets to that "Summer's Over" music festival.

36. Oh no... Summer's over...

37. STOP. STOP. I need something to make me feel better, stat.

38. Umm, what is that I see? Is that...

39. ...the exploding tapestry of red, orange, and pink that lights up the sky every evening and makes all my stress melt away?

[You fumble for your phone and snap a series of sunset photos at different angles, including several selfies.
You smile, take a deep breath, and sit down on a park bench to watch the evening set in.

40. Summer ain't going nowhere yet, baby. ;)

Live it up, and head to McDonald's for a deal that will make the rest of summer so much tastier: a $2.50 Double Combo with a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries. Get it before it's gone!

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At participating McDonald's. For a limited time only.