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11 Animals Who Are Totally Chickening Out Right Now

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1. This corgi who isn't sure about his new lawn friend. / Via

"Hey look, a cool ro— OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?"

2. This cat who's not down with your shenanigans. / Via


3. This unsuspecting tiger, just minding his own business.

"Wow, I never noticed how pretty this wall is. I should really— BIRD, OMG!"

4. This meticulously planned, literal catfight.

5. This hamster who had NO idea you were there. / Via

"Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched. Wait...WHERE'D YOU COME FROM?"

6. This midnight sneak attack.


7. This monkey seeing its reflection for the first time.

"My hair has looked like this ALL DAY?"

8. This gorilla who doesn't realize he's much, much bigger than that goose. / Via

" no no no no no."

9. This terrified red panda.


10. This dog who really isn't enjoying the car wash of death.

"Why is the car being ATTACKED?!"

11. This kitty who does not like random objects flying toward him.

"Oh, helllll no. Bye!"

*Thumbnail image via Thinkstock

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