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15 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Foods

We generally spend more time eating our favorite foods than we do researching them. But it turns out, some of the sweets and flavors we treasure the most come with some really amazing facts. Read on to get an education on your favorite goodies, and be sure to check out McDonald’s new Favorites Under 400 calories menu, where you can win prizes whenever Team USA Wins Gold!

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More Than 345 Billion Oreos Have Made Since 1912

The World's Oldest Recipe Is For Beer

Coconut Juice Can Also Be Used As A Substitute For Blood Plasma

Red M&M's Were Briefly Discontinued In The 1970's

Eskimo Ice Cream Is Not Icy Or Creamy

Ketchup Was Invented To Treat Liver Disease

Hershey Kisses Were Named After The Sound Of A Machine

Almonds Are A Member Of The Rose Family

Pringles Are Not Potato Chips

An 11-Year-Old Invented The Popsicle And Kept It A Secret For 18 Years

Carrots Used To Be Purple

Orange Juice Natural Contains Alcohol

You Can Get Addicted To Vanilla

It Takes About 250 Licks To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop

80% Of McDonald’s Menu Is Under 400 Calories

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