12 Definitive Do’s And Don’ts Of Music Festivals

Need some advice for your first music fest? Take some cues from these seasoned veterans.

1. Do: Get there early and get a good spot.

- EMR - / Via Flickr: 68778862@N00

Scope out the optimal space to see your favorite acts. Also make sure to strategize before the festival so you don’t mistakenly miss any acts you’re looking forward to!

2. Don’t: Spend your whole day playing in the mud.

- EMR - / Via Flickr: emr9801

We get it, it’s fun to be a freebird sometimes. Don’t forget why you’re there though, it’s all about the music!

3. Do: Keep tabs on where the garbage cans and recycling centers are.

JASON ANFINSEN / Via Flickr: jerkalertproductions

Tune into your hippie roots, don’t forget to recycle your used bottles and cans.

4. Don’t: Leave your garbage on the ground, you slob!

JASON ANFINSEN / Via Flickr: jerkalertproductions

This is exactly what that old Native American chief was crying about.

5. Do: Dress for the hot weather.

EnergyActionCoalition / Via Flickr: energyactioncoalition

Stay cool!

6. Don’t: Pretend pants are irrelevant.

JASON ANFINSEN / Via Flickr: jerkalertproductions

We know it’s hot…but really?

7. Do: Get creative with your lodging.

Jon Elbaz / Via Flickr: jon_elbaz

That’s half the fun of it!

8. Don’t: Make a tent out of your personal belongings.

brookage / Via Flickr: brookage

Personal being the key word.

9. Do: Have a sense of humor!

JASON ANFINSEN / Via Flickr: jerkalertproductions

After all, you’re there to have fun!

10. Don’t: Have an annoying sense of humor.

- EMR - / Via Flickr: emr9801

Yes, we get it, you’re the funny guy. Now please, leave me alone.

11. Do: Have fun!

Austin Happel / Via Flickr: 23715055@N04


12. Don’t: Have TOO much fun.

- EMR - / Via Flickr: emr9801

You know who you are…

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