What Sherlock Looked Like To Me Before And After

I’m comparing what it was like before and after watching the show basically. Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

1. Sherlock itself

Before: “They like.. solve murders and stuff, right? Sounds boring.”
After: “My tears are real. I can’t stop rewatching this show. I just.. Shezza!”

2. Sherlock Holmes

Before: “So he’s like.. a sociopath or something?”
After: “You jumped off that building and pretended to be dead. You’re a jerk but I still like you.”

3. John Watson

Before: “I know he’s with Sherlo- Oh geez that sweater is ugly!”
After: Diane whispered to the wind as she watched Sherlock, “Gaaaaay..”

4. Mycroft Holmes

Before: “Who the f-”
After: “You are also a jerk but I don’t find you that cool.”

5. Jim Moriarty

Before: “He looks evil.”
After: “You didn’t have to kill yourself! You could’ve had my babies!”
And yes, he is worthy of a gif. I am done.

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