12 Reasons Why Commander Riker Should Be Number One On Your Holiday Party Guest List

You’re about to throw a holiday party and you’re worried that everyone won’t get along. Don’t be afraid! Commander Riker will ensure your party is a smashing success!

1. He always brings a nice gift for the host

2. He makes sure that everyone is in a festive mood

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3. He is able to make small talk about the most esoteric of subjects

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4. Oh no! The stereo is broken! Thank God Commander Riker is here!

5. He appreciates the fine cuisine being served

6. As well as the libations

7. However, when he loosens up a little he can get a little flirty

8. OK, maybe a lot flirty

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9. Unruly party guest? Riker will take care of that!

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10. Goddamit Riker! Stop hogging all the attention!

11. OK, good you’re paying attention to me

12. Well…I certainly didn’t expect THAT to happen

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