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29 Signs You're A Warhammer Player

Your wallet may be empty, but your battlefield is full.

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10. You avidly discuss your greatest victories at tournaments


"During the normal deployment/setup phase, Shooter places his commander on the field. In Warhammer, two players are supposed to take turns - deploying and counter-deploying until everything is on the field. However, Wheels announces that he's deploying nothing - he'll hold his entire force in reserve (as he planned all along). Shooter places a row of scouts into a single thin skirmish line covering Wheels' entire edge of the table.

Scouts can be deployed anywhere, but anti-cheese rules prevent him putting a scout within 30 cm of an opposing unit, but there are no opposing units anywhere on the field and so the rule is moot. Tactically, these scouts are fucked - they have no cover, no support, and they're on open ground. As soon as the opposing cavalry takes the field, these guys will die.

The deployment phase ends. It's now Wheels' turn. Shooter informs him that the game is over. Wheels can't actually deploy any of his motorcycles - anti-cheese rules prevent him from placing a reserve unit within 5cm of an enemy model. There isn't a single 5cm gap anywhere on Wheels' edge of the field. Wheels' entire force is doomed to sit uselessly "in reserve" until the game ends, at which point he'll lose automatically because Shooter controls the entire map.

The tournament officials declared that Shooter's interpretation of the rules was technically correct and granted him the victory.

And now you know why Shooter is smiling while Wheels is poring over a rulebook."

11. But are quick to discount your losses (or the game) as "cheap"


"Competitive Warhammer 40K is a myth. It doesn't exist. Never has. Who wins or loses a game of Warhammer 40K is not primarily determined by any intrinsic quality of the players, such as "skill" or "talent". As a result, you cannot truly "compete" with another player using Warhammer 40K.

Instead, Warhammer 40K is a very metagame-biased game. The outcome of any given match is disproportionately determined by the the army-lists, the codices and other Metagame-aspects. This makes 40K the popular hobby it is. But it trumps any personal quality or characteristic that you, as a player, could actually bring to a "competition" with another player" - Pinsofwar


15. And won't let them into tournament play


From Warhammer Tournament Rules....

"No one likes playing against an army consisting of unpainted, inappropriately

based or broken and chipped models; this is a grown up hobby played by grown up

people who are sensible enough to know both what “fully painted” and

“acceptable” means. Unpainted miniatures are not allowed, and as such will be removed from play by Referees. Additionally, any conversions or scratch-built models that are considered to be unsuitable by the Referees will be removed from play.

Bare undercoat never counts as painted, and just sand on a base is not enough; the list of what makes an unacceptable army is extensive, but suffice to say if you’re not sure, ask before the day of the event with enough time to make any changes that you need to make.

Painting covers all styles, from inking to washes and dip, to highlighting and shading. Since there are so many techniques available for the painter, the Referees will do their best to be open minded about the techniques used, but in the end, it is all about aesthetics and the Referees' call.

We wholeheartedly encourage players to go to town with their armies and bring along interesting and innovatively converted or scratch built models that represent both their skills and their love of the hobby and its background." - Games Workshop


22. When the chips are down you have no problem being spiteful...


23. Magnanimous


24. Or just plain jubilant that you snatched victory from the jaws of defeat

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