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23 Annoying Things That Always Happen When Playing Board Games

Board games are designed to destroy friendships and ruin lives. However, if done correctly, your board game night can be super fun!

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4. Oh wait! You have to explain it again for the person who came late!

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6. And keeping everyone's attention between turns is the hardest thing ever.

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7. Everyone's first turn takes about an hour.

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8. And you have to take another break to explain the rules to people who weren't paying attention the first time.

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12. Which will cause them to pout.

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14. Hour four, and you're only on turn number three.

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15. People start to get even more bored.

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17. And someone will inevitably say "Why don't we stop here?"

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22. And you'll agree, like the idiot you are.

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23. Because, after all, you sort of enjoyed every minute of it.

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