14 Tips For Preparing For Your First Magic: The Gathering Tournament

    Prepare like champion to enter your first Magic: The Gathering tournament! Here is what you need to know to lay waste to your opponents.

    1. Buy the right cards!

    2. Learn the cards. Love the cards.

    3. Hire a coach

    4. Play a few practice games to get your feet wet

    5. Then play a few more because you still won't know what you are doing

    6. Do not become wedded to one color

    7. Construct your deck under tournament conditions

    8. Remember the equation: 24 + 24 + 12 = 60

    9. Obey the Mana Curve

    10. Experiment!

    11. Do not panic if your booster decks do not contain any killer cards

    12. Learn about the new cards!

    13. Know the etiquette!

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    Like any good game, Magic has a built in code of etiquette that enforces fair play and good manners. Here are just a few to remember before you enter the tournament:

    1. Do not shuffle your deck as you would a deck of cards. It will cause physical pain to experienced Magic players to see you treat the cards that way. Instead, deal the cards into seven piles twice to ensure a good shuffle.

    2. After you shuffle, allow your opponent to cut your deck.

    3. Wish your opponent good luck.

    4. Upon completion of the game (win or lose) make sure to tell your opponent "good game."

    14. Be prepared to have fun...and get trounced