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    11 Creatures You Do Not Want To Run Into This Halloween

    You may be busy figuring out to best accessorize you costume but these supernatural spooks have other ideas....

    11. Spring Heeled Jack

    Spring Heeled Jack was a creature that terrorized Victorian England, first appearing in 1834 with a last reported appearance of 1904 in Liverpool. His modus operandi was to assault your serving girls and rip off their clothes before bounding away from his pursuers.

    10. Wendigo

    If you find that your friend has a hunkering for human flesh there is a strong chance that he is a Wendigo. Wendigos feature strongly in Algonquin ritual belief as creatures that possess men and turn them into extremely dangerous cannibals. If you find yourself camping these weekend make sure to bring enough for your hungry friend.

    9. Draugr

    Draugr are super-powered ghosts from Norse myth but are much more powerful than normal ghosts having super strength, the ability to change size and and an overpowering stench that renders victims helpless. The good news is that Draugr are usually sitting on a pile of gold, so if you manage to defeat it you could be in for a tidy profit.

    8b. Goatman

    The Goatman is a legend form Beltsville, MD about a scientist who went insane after researching goats too long and now spends his days assaulting people with axes. Negative points to the people of Beltsville because the the Goatman is obviously a ripoff of....

    8a. The Bunnyman

    Truly terrifying, the Bunnyman has been hanging out in Virginia for the last 20 years. Legend is that he likes to hang out under underpasses and assault unsuspecting teens with an axe.

    7. The Leshy

    From Slavic mythology comes the Leshy who are able to change size, imitate your loved ones voice to pull you into danger and love to kidnap young women. If you find yourself captured by a Leshy, you should be forewarned there is a strong chance you might be....tickled to death.

    6. Teke Teke

    Ahhhh. The Teke Teke is a Japanese spirit of a young girl who was cut in half by the subway. The "Teke Teke" comes from the sound that the monster makes from dragging itself across the ground. If you are not fast enough to get away the Teke Teke will slice you in half to mirror her own disfigurement.

    5. The White Woman

    White Woman myths are extremely common and popular throughout Western Europe and the United States. The White Woman in question is normally a woman who has been spurned by her lover only to remain on the world to constantly haunt the living. A White Woman can be benign or destructive, so your best course of action would be to run away.

    4. Jersey Devil

    More of a nuisance than a true horror, the Jersey Devil resembles a kangaroo with bat wings. However, if you are a farmer the Devil lived up to its name by constantly attacking and devouring your livestock. If you are spending Halloween on a farm, take a look outside for a sighting of this tiny hybrid.

    3. Melon Heads

    The Melon Heads reside in Michigan were years of inbreeding have created a small tribe of disfigured little monsters that like to prey on people passing through the area. It is wildly hinted that the Melon Heads escaped an institution under the directorship of one Doctor Crow and that their attacks on people are their way to get back at the good doctor.

    2. Kuchisake Onna

    Japan has the lead in truly creepy monsters. The Kuchisake Onna is a young woman in a surgical mask who will approach young people and ask if she is pretty.

    Answer No- Get killed with a pair of scissors.

    Answer Yes- The Kuchisake Onna reveals a horrible slit mouth.

    The Kuchisake Onna will then ask again if she is pretty.

    Answer No - Get killed with a pair of scissors

    Answer Yes - She will give you your very own horribly slit mouth.

    The story was so frightening during the 1970s that the Japanese Govt. had to release a statement that the Kuchsake Onna did not exist.

    1. The Unicorn