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    The 10 Greatest Mass Effect Romances

    Captain Shepard was the Lothario(a) of the entire Galaxy. If you were on his/her ship, you were fair game. However, which relationship was most likely to stand the test of time?

    Dishonorable Mention - Kaidan Alenko


    Cons - Kaidan is boring, a killjoy and basically takes all the fun out of romance.

    Pros - Popular consensus appears to agree that Kaidan has a nice ass.

    Final result - I'm sorry Kaidan, but I will let you die every single time.

    10. Ashley Williams


    Cons- Kinda sorta a racist, a bit clingy and prone to unpleasant outbursts.

    Pros - Been there since the beginning, loyal and accepts you for who you are.

    Final result - That girl you hooked up with on a school trip on the back of the bus only to learn she had a huge problem with you living in "the city."

    9. Samara


    Pros- Tuned into her feelings, has a lot of experience and understands that Shepard has to be Shepard.

    Cons- Who?

    Final result - Samara

    8. Jacob Taylor


    Pros - Stalwart, a pillar for Shepard to rely upon and a decently good guy.

    Cons - CHEATER!!!!!!

    Final Result- Jacob is your permanent backup and locked safely within the "friend" box though he wants something more.

    7. Miranda Lawson


    Pros - That spacesuit. That spacesuit. And....that spacesuit.

    Cons - Definitely not a very nice person.

    Final result - Miranda is that mean girl you secretly had a crush on even though she constantly belittled you.

    6. Kelly Chambers


    Pros - Super adorable, helpful and is probably very nice to kittens.

    Cons- A bit scarred over that whole "abducted by aliens" thing and she is nice to kittens.

    Final Result- Kelly is your ex that you sometimes stalk on Facebook at 3AM.

    5. Jack


    Pros- Sweet tattoos, has a bit of an edge AND is into crazy make outs.

    Cons- The whole "crazy" bit.

    Final Result- Jack is the girl that you go backpacking in Thailand with and have an awesome time and then never think to call once you get home.

    4. Liara T'Soni


    Pros- Liara is opens up Shepard's mind to alien/human relationships, can make a fun light show happen when she is smooching you and is generally a nice lady.

    Cons- Not to slutshame anyone but Liara has been around the block (or universe). It also doesn't help that she turns to a life of pseudo-crime the first time you let her out of your sight.

    Final Result - Liara is that girl you made out with at the bar once after to many Mai Tais.

    3. Thane Krios


    Pros- VERY Sensitive, complex back story portray him as the last of a dying race and appears to be a good kisser.

    Cons- Sickly.

    Final Result- Thane is the boy you had a crush on at summer camp who died in a tragic swimming accident a day before you could confess your love to him.

    2. Tali'Zorah


    Pros- OMG SO CUTE!!!


    Final Result- If you find yourself with a person like Tali, then you are a very lucky person indeed.

    1. Garrus Vakarian


    Pros- Everything you could want in a soulmate with the bonus that he is really handy in an intergalactic war.

    Cons- Stop playing so hard to get!

    Final Result- Space Alien Cary Grant FTW!

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