Hawaii Reacts To Obama And The First Family’s Annual Vacation

Every year since Barack Obama was elected president, Hawaii’s son has spent Christmas in the islands with his family. Local residents either love it or really hate the traffic.

1. The “Obama Ohana” signs are up!

Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian. It also happens to rhyme with “Obama,” so it has become the annual slogan of the president and First Family’s arrival.

2. People hoping to run into the Prez.

3. Maybe they’ll run into the POTUS at the beach.

4. Or maybe the President will show up right after breakfast.

5. People who almost saw Obama, but instead had to poo.

6. Some people were more excited about Bo’s arrival than the president’s.

This cat has some advice for Michelle about Bo’s trip.

7. People stuck in traffic because of the president’s motorcade.

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