18 Female Artists Who Are Finally On Wikipedia

    As part of an international initiative to improve coverage of women and the arts, over 100 artists biographies were updated or added to Wikipedia this week. Here's a few of those women artists.

    1. Ethel Spowers

    The Australian artist's Wikipedia page says "Spowers had her first solo exhibit in Melbourne at age 30, showing fairy-tale illustrations."

    2. Pat Boas

    3. Bonnie Branson

    The late American painter and sculptor's Wikipedia page says she was "one of Portland, Oregon's most prominent artists during the 1970s–1980s."

    4. Elizabeth Eichhorn

    5. Sonia Ebling

    The late Brazilian sculptor's Wikipedia page says "Her work in cement includes the adding of oxide pigments and vegetable fibers, creating a durable and adaptable piece of art characterized as both a painting and a sculpture."

    6. Valerie Ganz

    7. Maren Hassinger

    The African-American artist's Wikipedia page says "She is known for her sculpture and public art using natural and industrial materials."

    8. Magda Frank

    9. Rita McKeough

    The Canadian interdisciplinary artist's Wikipedia page says "She was the winner of a 2009 Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts."

    10. Rachell Sumpter

    11. Daria Martin

    The American artist and filmmaker's Wikipedia page says Martin is "based in London since 2002" and that she works "primarily in 16mm film."

    12. Allyson Mitchell

    13. Felícia Leirner

    The Polish-born Brazilian sculptor's Wikipedia page says "At the age of 44, she began studying sculpture with the photographer Victor Brecheret."

    14. Zarina Hasmi

    15. Joyce J. Scott

    The African-American sculptor's Wikipedia page says she "is known for works containing social commentary on 'race, gender and violence' and themes of spiritual healing."

    16. Frances Stark

    17. Gerardina Jacoba van de Sande Bakhuyzen

    The 19th-century Dutch painter's Wikipedia page says "She is known for still lifes, flowers, and fruit."

    18. Anne Walsh