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    Dec 5, 2012

    16 People Poking Lava

    Eruptions are pretty hot, but with the right stick anyone can penetrate a volcano.

    1. "Stick it in."

    Flickr: dgalvan / Via http://David%20Galvan

    2. "Wriggle it around."

    3. "Oh no, it erupted prematurely."

    Flickr: choconancy / Via http://Nancy%20White

    4. "Notice how hard and long my stick is."

    5. "Too hot to handle."

    6. "I want to get to know you better." / Via http://Mark%20and%20Diane's%20Big%20Hawaiian%20Adventure

    7. "It feels like a small prick." / Via http://Virtual%20Tourist

    8. "It's getting hot in here!" / Via http://Facebook

    9. "In and out, in and out... It's all about the technique."

    10. "You know you like it." / Via http://MIT

    11. "A quick poke."

    Flickr: sethoscope / Via http://sethoscope

    12. "Can I stick my wood in there?" / Via http://Myspace

    13. "I need to get a little deeper."

    14. "I don't care how long it takes!"

    15. "We like to do it at the same time!"

    16. "We like to watch!"