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      Here is my response :) Why Atheists are better than God Botherers…. andIam neither :)
      1) God Botherers really enjoy misinterpretingabook which is out of date and applying psalms to any and every situation they disagree with…. bit ofahobby for them really.
      2) God Botherers tend to be annoying to the rest of society what with all that praying, praising, door knocking, homophobia and hating on other religions…..
      3) God Botherers have made misquoting one bookafine art.
      4) God Botherers disapprove of hard working people who live good lives, have children and take credit for the good things their hard work has provided, rather insisting they praise some mystical being for it all….
      5)God Botherers cannot holdascientific and rational conversation, which asks for tangible evidence be given and debated… no they just continually quote and rave aboutabook they call the Bible, which apparently holds all the answers, which was written by men, composed by some other men, then later translated by other men…. hmmmmmm cant sayIcould call this evidence, more like here say.
      6)God Botherers are the biggest sooks on the internet. They’ll probably sook because Ive done this :)
      7). Have you ever tried to holdarational and realistic conversation withaGod Botherer about the creation of the Universe? Apparently no evolution, no dinosaurs…..hmmm wonder where all those big bones came from then????? Did God have pets????(noticeIdidnt call anyone an A**hole)….
      8). God Botherers are the sort of people who love to tell small children and anyone who will listen really that they are condemned to hell because they didnt follow all the commandments in the Bible. That because they question God, faith or the church, they now will spend eternity in the fires of hell……. hmmmm yeahIruined lives sayingIbought you the trampoline, not Santa….riiighhhhtttt.
      9) God Botherers feel the constant need to attribute every right and wrong to one mystical being…My life is good becauseIworked hard to gainadegree and to work and pay my bills.Ihave good children becauseIbrought them up correctly-didnt see God beside me whenIwas teaching my children the importance of manners….. didnt hear God back me up whenIwas talking to my children about respect….
      10) And this one made me laugh the most, God left the author hanging hereIthink-they ran right out of ideas!! Should’ve called it the9reasons Atheists suck…. Did you praise the Lord for looking likeafool?  PersonallyIdont believe in God, butIdont consider myself an Atheist either-I felt compelled to say something here, simply because your original post was suchatragic waste of time. Haveagreat day :)

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