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    29 Products That'll Make You Feel Better If Working From Home Is Hurting Your Body

    Health is wealth.

    1. A pack of pain-relief patches that'll provide a soothing cold/hot sensation to your tense muscles. Since they're topical, they'll provide targeted relief to any sore spots in an instant.

    2. An inflatable mousepad that'll give you the wrist support you've been needing. You can also fill it with warm or cold water to get some temperature therapy, too.

    the mousepad on a desk in front of a mouse

    3. A shiatsu massager that'll give you a deep tissue massage on any area that's been aching from the way you sit. It has arm loops so you can control the pressure (or multitask).

    4. An essential oil roll-on that'll help kick headaches and cramps to the curb. The roller ball itself will help improve circulation and really rub the oils in.

    Victoria holding the bottle of Cloud 9 roller

    5. A back stretcher that'll help you stretch your spine, if you spend the whole day hunched over. It has three adjustable heights, is loaded with acupressure points, and even comes with a strap that'll let you attach it to your chair.

    6. A big heating pad that'll warm up your muscles and increase blood circulation. Reviewers say that the size and plush fabric are really comforting for wrapping around large body parts.

    7. Or a peach pad that you can pop in the microwave or freezer. It's infused with a lavender scent, so it'll bless your senses with some aromatherapy, too.

    the peach pad smiling

    8. A couple of containers of bath salts that'll help you unwind at the end of a long day. They come in reusable glass and bamboo jars that'll look lovely on your countertop (or can be repurposed as spice jars).

    the two bath salts and the spoon in one

    9. A light therapy lamp that'll help keep your spirits (and energy levels) up, since it mimics the brightness of the sun. Reviewers say it helps them deal with winter blues, especially if they're working out of a basement or room without a lot of light.

    The tablet-shaped therapy light shining bright white light next to Kyle's laptop

    10. A lumbar-support seat that'll help correct your posture by propping up your tailbone. It's also padded, so it'll still be comfortable to sit your tush on.

    The lumbar support cushion on a chair

    11. A bottle of natural pain relieving spray that'll help ease your WFH aches with just a few spritzes. It's non-greasy and will absorb quickly into your skin without needing to rub it around.

    person holding the bottle

    12. An eye massager that’ll use air pressure to knead the area around your peepers when they’re tired from staring at a screen all day. It also has heat and Bluetooth settings, so you can connect your device and really relax.

    13. A hand massager that'll use air compression to give your paws the rubdown they deserve. Reviewers with carpal tunnel and arthritis say that it's helped provide them with relief from their painful conditions.

    person with their hand in the massager

    14. A corrective brace that'll help you improve your posture, if you want to prevent back pain before it happens. It comes with detachable armpit pads and adjustable straps, so they'll be comfortable to wear all day.

    15. A massage ball that'll target your knots with the help of a layer of firm spikes. It's small enough that it'll get into crevices like the bottom of your feet or shoulder blades.

    16. A massage gun that'll pack a punch when your muscles really aren't cooperating. It'll connect to the Theragun app and to deliver custom percussive routines made just for you.

    person using the massage gun on their thigh

    17. A footrest pillow that'll give you somewhere to prop your feet if your chair is a little too high. And if your legs get restless when you sit for too long, you can also flip it over and rock them back and forth using the curved side.

    18. A double-sided hand massager that's made to roll out your tense fingers and palm. You can control the pressure by squeezing the tool tighter or gentler.

    person using the massager on their fingers and wrist

    19. Or a pack of acupressure rings that'll stimulate circulation in your overworked fingers. Reviewers say it always helps them stop picking at their fingers and nails when they're feeling fidgety.

    20. Or a hand brace that'll prevent your hand from getting twisted into awkward positions in the first place. It's adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it in whatever way is more comfortable for you.

    person typing on their computer with the brace on

    21. A versatile ice roller that'll give you an instant boost of energy. The cold therapy it provides can help de-puff your face, reduce headaches, and even soothe your sensitive spots after a wax.

    22. A pair of retro-style glasses you can get with blue light-blocking lenses that'll help lessen the screen strain on your eyeballs. They can also help increase melatonin levels when you use your devices at night, when compared to regular lenses.

    23. This memory foam seat cushion that'll protect your tush from going numb after hours of sitting. Reviewers love the shape for relieving pain from sensitive backs and tailbones.

    seat cushion

    24. A weighted blanket that'll feel like a big, comforting hug. Reviewers say using it has worked wonders for their anxiety and insomnia, and that it helps them fall asleep faster, too!

    person lying down with the blanket around them

    25. A Microsoft Excel course that’ll help you master spreadsheet functions like a pro if your brain is hurting from trying to figure them out on your own. You'll learn to make a budget, visualize data, perform VLOOKUPs, and so much more.

    a table in Excel

    26. A convertible standing desk that’ll help you get on your feet for a few hours a day, because your butt is basically starting to atrophy at this point. It has four memory presets, so you could even split the cost with your roommates or partner.

    the standing desk with a computer and keyboard on it

    27. A sheet of light-dimming stickers, if all the distracting lights around your workspace are starting to give you serious headaches. They won't completely block the light, so you can still see the status of your devices.

    28. A futuristic ring that'll track different health insights like your sleep quality, so you'll be able to figure out if you should make any adjustments in your lifestyle (because health is wealth). It'll pair with the app, so you'll get a summary of all your stats.

    29. And lastly, a padded lap desk that'll keep everything balanced, so you can work from your comfy couch with the awkward angles. It has a built-in mousepad and a phone slot, so you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

    person using their laptop on the desk

    Your body when you get these pain-relieving products:

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