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    23 Sex Toys, Lingerie, And Other Saucy Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Rock Their Socks Off

    It's getting hot in here.

    1. A rose-shaped suction stimulator because who doesn't like getting flowers for Valentine's Day? It's completely waterproof and has ten sucking intensities that'll make them 🌸bloom🌸 with pleasure.

    person lying down with the rose shaped vibrator in their hands

    2. A saucy three-piece lingerie set that probably won't stay on for very long. The bra and underwear are thin, comfy, and stretchy, so they'll be able to wear them under their clothes if you're diving straight into the "after-party" when the two of you get home from dinner.

    3. A sleek and simple massage wand that's a great starter toy or addition to a growing collection. It has eight speeds and 20 pulsating patterns to play around with, so no two sessions have to be the same.

    The wand next to its box

    4. A bottle of water-based lube that'll keep things slippin' and slidin' all night long. It's made of natural ingredients like aloe vera and plant extracts that won't disturb their pH balance.

    the lube bottle next to a vibrator and candle

    5. A teeny tiny vibrating bullet that's discreet and easy to take on the go. It has one default speed, but reviewers say it's more than enough (and ultra quiet).

    person holding the wand

    6. A rumblin' butt plug that'll send tingles up and down their spine. The vibrating bullet that goes inside is removable, so they can use it alone to take a ride to O-town.

    person holding the butt plug

    7. A set of sexy dice that'll take your foreplay to new heights. One die has an action (like kiss or stroke) and the other two have a body part to perform it on — a random roll might help them discover things they never knew they liked.

    person holding one of the three die with the others next to the packaging

    8. A remote-controlled wearable vibrator they can wear under their panties (there's a magnet that'll keep it in place) to press it against their most sensitive bits. Long-distance couple? They can leave all the control in your hands when you use the compatible app.

    the device with a diagram of a pair of underwear and the magnet

    9. A massage candle that combines two foreplay favourites. As the candle melts into a skin-safe oil, you can pour it on them for a warm, sexy, and aromatic massage.

    person pouring the candle into another person's hand

    10. A glow-in-the-dark wand that won't get lost once the lights are off. The ribbed head is flexible and, when paired with the seven patterns and ten intensity levels, will leave them positively ✨beaming✨.

    person holding the wand with the stars glowing

    11. A flirty slip with a satin bow they can unwrap if you *are* the gift. Reviewers of all sizes say that the wideness of the ribbons makes it easy to adjust and cover their party pillows.

    person wearing the slip with the bow tied

    12. A cone-shaped vibrator that'll help them target their special spots without getting in the way if you join in, too. It has three speed settings and is completely waterproof if they want to take it into the shower.

    Victoria holding the vibrator

    13. A strapless strap-on that'll please you and your partner at the same time. The parts are adjustable, so y'all can get nice and comfortable while enjoying the eight vibration patterns and 12 speeds.

    person holding the dildo

    14. A set of restraints that'll fit under any mattress so y'all can get extra freaky and fulfill their Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies. They can even use the cuffs individually as hand or ankle cuffs to shake things up.

    the restraints

    15. A wearable finger vibe if they love the way you wiggle your digits but would appreciate the extra pulsations. They can also slip the strap off and use the buzzing head solo to tackle other areas.

    A person wearing the vibrator on their index fingers

    16. A "wild weekend" value kit full of treasures and pleasures that they can play with solo or with you. They can try 'em one at a time, combine a few — whatever floats their boat.

    the set of stuff strewn on a sheet

    17. A C-shaped toy that'll leave them shaking with joy. It comes with a remote control so they (or you) can keep it quaking from afar.

    The C-shaped vibrator and it's remote on top of a magazine

    18. A wedge pillow that'll help you get in a better angle for thrustin' and bustin'. It'll really help with the motion of the ocean if one of you has a bad back or hips, too (it'll work with a bunch of different positions).

    couple in an elevated missionary position

    19. A tongue-shaped companion that'll simulate a licking sensation to tantalize their sweet spots. Reviewers say it feels just like the real deal and is amazing all over their bod.

    the device covered in water droplets next to a tub

    20. A Womanizer Pro40 with such a good suction, it'll leave 'em begging for more. Warning: side effects may include multiple orgasms and a trip to the store to get extra bed sheets.

    person holding the device

    21. And a portable Womanizer Liberty with a discreet hygiene cover that'll have them ✈️taking off✈️ to another dimension. It has six intensities because no matter where they go, they should still be able to cum.

    22. A scratch-off book if you're stuck in a sex rut and want to get creative in the bedroom. Here's how it works: there are 50 challenges that might include positions, toys, or an adventure to set the mood (there are hints, but you won't know what it is until you've unveiled the panel).

    the book next to some lingerie

    23. And lastly, a 3-in-1 device that'll take them on a wild ride — front, back, and centre. Reviewers say it makes their orgasms last longer and feel more intense, so your partner is in for a treat.

    The vibrator in water

    Them after opening all of these naughty gifts:

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