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    Valentine's Day Is Around The Corner, So Check Out These 32 Gift Ideas If You Wanna Knock It Outta The Park

    Gonna casually drop hints to my partner by sending them this post.

    1. A mobile gaming controller that'll snap right onto their phone (and even charge it while they're playing). Reviewers love that it can connect directly to their gaming console and phone, so they don't have to mess around with unreliable Bluetooth connections.

    a person playing a game with the controller snapped onto their phone

    2. A LEGO wildflower bouquet that'll last forever (just like your love). Each bloom has customizable elements, like moveable petals and adjustable stem heights, so they'll be able to create a completely bespoke arrangement.

    a bouquet of lego flowers in a vase

    3. A cozy lululemon crewneck sweater I bet they'll rock all year 'round. It's super soft, with a relaxed fit that'll layer perfectly over tees and button-downs.

    a person wearing a cozy crewneck sweater

    4. A discovery set of hazelnut and chocolate spreads if your paramour is utterly *obsessed* with Nutella (these are a touch fancier!). Each award-winning blend is made right here in Canada, which they'll appreciate if they like to support local.

    The spreads surrounding their box

    5. A copy of How to Deal With Fear, Failure, and Other Daily Dreads that will help them tackle their anxieties. Instead of hokey mantras and self-helpisms, they'll be treated to lil' comics and doodles that'll help shift their perspective (and maybe give 'em a giggle or two).

    the cover of how to deal with fear, failure, and other daily dreads

    6. A Jenny Bird heart hoop earring set that'll let them play around with different combos. They'll be able to swap both the backs and fronts (they have magnetic bases), so it'll be like you got them three different pairs, instead of just one.

    7. A personal library kit that'll help them keep track of the books they've been lending out. They'll get checkout cards along with a date stamp to remind their pals to return their fave titles post-haste.

    the library kit open to show all the components

    8. A luxe skincare set so they can treat themselves to some well-deserved R&R. They'll get a scrub, plus two luscious lotions for hydrating their bod.

    a trio of skincare tubes in a wooden sink

    9. A gin-making kit so they can unleash their inner mad scientist. It comes with a bunch of tasty aromatics (like juniper berries) that'll transform any boring neutral alcohol into a mouthwatering treat in less than two days.

    a gin-making kit with all the funnels, sieves, herbs, and spices laid out neatly on a counter

    10. A pair of plush Barefoot Dreams slippers that'll feel oh-so nice on their tired and tense feet. Plus, it'll stop them from putting their icy toes on your back when you're snuggin'.

    a top down view of a person wearing the fuzzy slippers

    11. A rocket-shaped cocktail shaker that'll help them make some *stellar* bevvies. Reviewers say it doesn't leak during the shaking process, which means their tasty concoctions will end up in a glass (and not all over their counters).

    12. An Instax smartphone printer so they can make hard copies of all their fave memz (which obviously all include you). My suggestion? Snap a cute pic on date night and pop the printout into their wallet.

    a person printing photos on the instax right from their phone

    13. A pair of connected bracelets that'll help them literally keep in touch with their long-distance sweetie (aka you). A gentle tap on theirs will make the other one light up, letting you know they've got you on their mind.

    a pair of people holding hands while wearing the paired bracelets

    14. A swivelling backlit vanity mirror that'll save them from having to battle you for the bathroom. The lights mimic natural sunlight and can be dimmed for day or night (plus, hidden inside is a pull-out mirror that magnifies 10x for all their detail work).

    15. A chic pickleball set that'll make them wanna get a game going ASAP. They've even got leather-wrapped handles, so your partner's gonna feel a total pro (even if they're just playing in your living room).

    a pair of the chic pickleball paddles arranged aesthetically on a simple background

    16. A scratch-off movie poster if your partner's a major cinephile. It might even encourage them to check out a few new titles, too.

    a movie title scratch off poster on a shelf

    17. A bougie meditation cushion that'll help them find their zen. Squishy buckwheat filling is topped with a ~juicy~ layer of memory foam, so their bum will get the lovin' it deserves while they're meditating.

    a round and minimalist meditation cushion

    18. A magical melting candle that'll transform into a luxe massage oil. It's unscented and designed to absorb right into skin so you both won't end up a greasy mess after a good rubdown.

    Someone pouring the melted candle into their palm to use as massage oil

    19. A TikTok-famous (and packable!) puffer from Free People for the outdoor adventurer who never lets chilly temps ruin their mood. It's water-resistant, too, which means they'll stay dry if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

    a smiling person on a tennis court while wearing the pullover puffer coat

    20. A cocktail-smoking kit that'll amp up any beveragino. The handheld smoking gun is super simple to use, and the set comes with all the accessories (like wood chips!) they'll need to get started ASAP.

    a top-down view of the smoking gun cold smoking a duck breast

    21. A bottle of spray-on body lotion so they can keep their skin moisturized even when you're not around to do their back. Since it absorbs in a flash, it won't stain their clothes or bedsheets.

    someone holding up a bottle of the spray on lotion

    22. A waterproof journal so they can jot down their ideas when they're out in the wild. Reviewers say it's just the ticket for doing field work and love that the brightly-coloured cover makes it easy to find among their equipment.

    someone writing in the waterproof notebook

    23. A Slip silk travel set so your bb can snooze in style on their next flight. They'll get a soft eye mask, plus a cushy travel pillow they can rest their noodle on when it's time to doze off.

    24. A set of tilting highball glasses that'll thrill any cocktail lover. The rolling action is designed to aerate fancy brown boozes, like scotch and whiskey (and chances are, they don't already own a set like this).

    a set of tilting whiskey glasses

    25. An oversized scuba hoodie from lululemon that *might* convince them to stop stealing yours. It's plush, fleecy, and roomy, without feeling too baggy to rock outside the house.

    a person wearing the oversized fleece hoodie

    26. A v elegant glass coffeemaker they can use to make their brew both hot or cold — dealer's choice! The inner ice chamber will cool down their java in a flash, or they can remove it if they're opting for a toasty cup instead.

    someone making coffee in the glass coffeemaker

    27. A Manscaped beard trimmer if they can't seem to figure out their grooming routine. It's got 20 length settings, saving them from having to fiddle with hundreds of clipper attachments while they're tidying up their scruff (it's waterproof so they can even do it in the shower!).

    a smiling person using the trimmer to shave their beard

    28. A copy of Rothko: The Colour Field Paintings if they caught the homage in Glass Onion and wanna expand their knowledge. They'll get a chance to get up close and personal with 50 illustrated reproductions of the Abstract Expressionist's most famous works.

    the cover of rothko: the colour field paintings

    29. An Our Place steamer that'll nestle neatly inside the viral Always Pan you got them last year. This'll give them an excuse to try new dishes, like dumplings, steamed veggies, tamales, which is obvi good news for you, too.

    30. A motivational water bottle that'll help them hit their hydration goals. Not only can the lid be popped open with one hand (perfect for at the gym!), but reviewers say it's basically indestructible, which is great news if your sweetheart is, um..less than graceful.

    someone taking a sip from the motivational water bottle

    31. An aerating carafe that'll breathe some life into their Bordeaux. The special stopper will oxygenate their wine as it gets poured inside (not to mention make it super simple to pour what's left back into the bottle for safe-keeping).

    a trio of aerating carafes aerating several bottles of red wine

    32. And lastly, a mini manicure kit so they can keep their talons in perfect ~condish~. Reviewers love that it's got all the tools they need to tackle hangnails, snags, and even errant brow hairs, all in one travel-friendly case they can toss in their luggage.

    the manicure set laid out next to the travel case

    Your partner after unwrapping their gift:

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