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    22 Gift Ideas That They've Probably Already Seen And Added To Their List

    They're total crowd-pleasers!

    1. A set of TikTok-trending ripple glasses that'll make their iced coffees a latte more fun (lol, get it?). They'll also be able to serve up some ~aesthetic~ cocktails in them.

    the three glasses with various drinks like cocktails and coffee

    2. A bead kit for the junior jeweller that includes everything they'll need to create friendship bracelets, necklaces, and more. After they've made their baubles, they can use the box to organize other little bits and bobs.

    3. A round tortilla throw blanket if they love turning into a human burrito when the temperatures drop. It's made of soft microfibre fleece that'll keep them as toasty as a tostada.

    person hugging a child that's wrapped in the blanket

    4. A fancy Diptyque candle topped with a rotating carousel that'll waft the delicious Baies (blackcurrant and rose) scent throughout their home. The carousel is powered by the candle's heat and twinkles as it reflects off the flame.

    the candle with the rotating carousel on it

    5. A handy pick-and-scoop tool for the person whose go-to drink is an olive martini. The smaller pick will nest right into the spoon and is great for grabbing pickles and other jarred stuff without having to get their fingers wet.

    6. A small-but-mighty massage gun that'll help them punch out all of their aches and pains (with five different speeds). It's easy to take on the go, thanks to its portable size and rechargeable battery.

    person using the gun on their thigh

    7. A lululemon fleece belt bag that'll hold all of their daily essentials and keep their hands free to do things like snap selfies or drink iced coffee. It has tons of pockets inside and out, so their icky money won't have to touch their phone.

    BuzzFeed editor with the bag around their shoulder putting their phone in

    8. A compact Cricut Joy machine for the crafty person that loves to customize anything and everything. It can cut and write, meaning they can go wild with creating everything from vinyl stickers, T-shirt designs, cards, and more.

    Bianca holding up a Cricut machine while wearing a sweater she made with it

    9. A pack of scented pencils that'll make kiddos actually look forward to doing their homework. Each Smencil comes in an individual tube, so they won't lose their fragrance as quickly or turn into a mishmash of smells.

    10. A jewellery tree that'll display all of their treasures while keeping them from getting tangled. The tallest pole is adjustable to make room for their extra-long necklaces, and there are two trays on the bottom to store extras or heavier pieces.

    The jewelry tree full of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings

    11. A stylish Blume water bottle with a minimalistic design (by artist Sarita Walsh) that'll motivate them to stay hydrated and do a bunch of other self-care things.

    water bottle standing with the designs

    12. A Nintendo Switch that'll provide with them with endless hours of gaming fun. They can use it in three ways: connected to their TV, as a handheld console, or as a screen for tandem gameplay (it's got a lil' kickstand). They can also play multiplayer games with it, so maybe they'll even let you join in.

    two people playing a game with the touch screen of a nintendo switch

    13. An Our Place cookware duo that'll simplify and improve their culinary game. This pair will replace the need for a ton of extra tools (like a dutch oven or roasting rack), and both pieces have non-stick surfaces are so slippery and easy to clean, they'll never use their other pots and pans again.

    the perfect pot and always pan on a gas stove

    14. Or a cookware set that features a removable handle. They can conveniently clip it on to move things around, or take it off when they pop a dish in the oven or just need more room at the dinner table.

    15. A Xbox controller dock that'll charge their gamepads and keep them organized at the same time. It's compatible with Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One controllers, so it pretty much covers every model from the last ten years.

    two controllers on the dock upside down charging

    16. A set of modular light strips that'll let them create some serious vibes in whatever room they place them in — they can even sync to sounds and music. Each piece connects seamlessly to the next, so they can create any design that suits their fancy.

    the lights around a mounted desk top and tablet

    17. A pair of simple white gold hoops that'll go with literally any outfit or their other accessories. They close by slipping into themselves, so they'll never have to worry about losing their earring backings.

    18. A mirrored mini fridge that'll keep their drinks, medication, or skincare chilled and within reach. The mirror has an adjustable built-in LED light, so they'll actually be able to see what they're doing when they're getting ready.

    the mirrored fridge ajar to show what's inside

    19. A copy of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think that's full of eye-opening thoughts and ideas about everything from daily routines to success. Each essay is only a few pages long, so it'll be great for both avid readers and anyone looking to read a quick pre-snooze snippet.

    The book on a bed

    20. A pair of high-waisted Roots sweatpants that'll become their go-to lounge pant. Get the matching hoodie for them to rock as a set for the ultimate comfy vibe.

    21. A unique ship-in-a-bottle LEGO set that any enthusiast will enjoy the challenge of building (getting the ship in the bottle is tricky, but fun!). Reviewers say it doubles as a gorgeous decor piece and is a total conversation starter.

    person building the LEGO ship set

    22. And lastly, an LED lamp that'll help them do their own gel manis and pedis at home, instead of shelling out big bucks at the salon every month. It has four timer settings (including a low-heat mode for more sensitive nails) that'll ensure any type of gel polish cures properly.

    person putting their hand inside a gel lamp

    How your convo is going to go when they open their gifts:

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