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    26 Of The Best Gifts For All Of The Men In Your Life

    Something for every type of fella.

    1. A pair of Saxx boxer briefs that'll keep them comfy down there 👇 all day long. They have a unique pouch that'll hold their ~jewels~ in place and prevent chafing or overheating.

    2. A portable tire pump they can keep with them for any unexpected flat tire moments. It has a built-in pressure monitor and a flashlight, so they'll be able to see exactly how much air they're pumping in.

    the pump next to a tire in the day and in the night

    3. An electric indoor grill if they love BBQ, but don't feel like firing up the propane tank every time they want steak for dinner. It has a slotted tray that'll catch any grease or drippings to prevent them from turning their apartment into a smokehouse.

    the grill on a countertop in a kitchen with some chicken skewers and vegetables

    4. A pair of stylish adidas NMD_R1 Primeblue shoes that are light, stretchy, and feel more like slipping on a sock than a stiff sneaker. They have cushy soles that'll keep their feet from getting sore whenever they're running around.

    the shoes on the floor from the side

    5. And a set of no-tie laces that'll stretch when they slip their feet in, so they'll never have to mess around with knots or bows again. They'll make getting out the door a whole lot faster AND give them one less thing to trip on.

    the no tie laces on a nike shoe

    6. A rechargeable body hair trimmer that'll help them groom everything from head to toe. It's waterproof so they can use it in the shower and it has a tiny flashlight to help them ~navigate~ their nether regions.

    7. A pair of binoculars if they're a budding birdwatcher or stargazer (or just want to see their fave artist from the 300s section). It comes with a smartphone clip, so they can record videos or take photos of their rare spottings.

    8. A fragrance sampler set that comes with 12 mini bottles so they can find their new signature scent without splurging. Once they've chosen a favourite, they can redeem the included voucher for a full-sized bottle.

    the fragrance redemption coupon surrounded by the mini bottles

    9. A water-repellent lululemon duffle bag that'll see them through trips to the gym, vacations, and beyond. It has two handy side compartments so their sweaty sneakers won't mix around with the rest of their stuff.

    10. An amber reading light that'll save their eyes (and everyone else's around them). It has three brightness levels and just a one-hour charge will give them over 30 hours of reading time.

    11. A waterproof bike bag that'll give them a place to put their keys, cash, sunnies, and phone while they cycle. The phone pocket has a thin, clear cover, meaning they'll still be able to check their directions or change their tunes.

    an iphone in the case on a bike  that's wet

    12. And an indoor bike converter that'll turn their ride into a stationary bike, so they can still cycle when the weather is the opposite of nice. It has six resistance levels that'll help them train for any kind of situation.

    person riding their bike with the attachment

    13. A rechargeable arc lighter that'll work through the elements for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. It also comes with a whistle and a built-in flashlight to prepare them for anything.

    14. A moisture-wicking adidas tracksuit if they're really into coordinating even when they're working out. The pants have a zippered ankle slot so they can easily slip them on and off over shoes when they're subbing in or overheating.

    15. A small-but-mighty massage gun that'll help them punch out all of their aches and pains (with five different speeds). It's easy to take on the go thanks to its portable size and rechargeable battery.

    person using the gun on their thigh

    16. A stand-up paddle board set if they can't wait to go on an adventure during their next trip to the lake. It comes with a travel bag (with a paddle and pump) so they won't have to pick up any additional parts.

    17. An indoor golfing green that they can use to practice their putt from the comfort of their own home. The hole has a mechanism that'll automatically return their ball, so they won't have to bend over and dig it out every time.

    person in a living room using the indoor putt

    18. And a golfer's flask with everything they'll need for a successful round (and can fit up to eight ounces of liquid courage). It's handmade using genuine leather from a Canadian small business that also makes this genius golf ball belt clip.

    the flask with a pencil and four tees

    19. A beard oil sampler pack that'll keep their facial hair feeling soft and smelling fresh. It'll also moisturize their skin so it won't get itchy or flakey underneath their scruff.

    The four bottles on a stump

    20. A fancy ice machine that'll spit out some frozen cubes in under 15 minutes if they love a cold drink (but always forget to put their tray in the freezer). It has a removable bin and scoop, so they can bring the ice outside or to another room without lugging the whole device around.

    21. A pair of adjustable trekking poles to give them a lil' extra support on their next hike. They come with a ton of different tip accessories that'll help them tackle any terrain (like snow or mud).

    person using the cork grip version of the poles in a forest

    22. A silicone shower mirror so can do their whole getting routine in one go. You can also pick up the matching toiletry organizer (with drainage holes) to give them a place to store all of their tools.

    the mirror and tool pouch in a shower next to a shower head

    23. A portable monitor for the digital nomad or on-the-go gamer who could use some extra screen space. It connects directly via USB-C or mini HDMI cables (which are included), has speakers, a headphone audio port, and a settings switch all built right in to make everything easy-peasy.

    person playing a video game with their console connected to the screen

    24. A portable table tennis set if they have a competitive side and will challenge anyone to a game of ping pong. It only takes a few seconds to set up (on pretty much any table) and comes with a carrying pouch, so they can bring it along on their next trip or game night.

    person stretching out the net with the paddles and ball on the table

    25. A splurge-worthy YETI cooler that's basically a portable fridge, staying ice cold for days at a time. In addition to fitting up to 53 cans of their favourite drinks, it has a retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation, and a drain plug to let water out without removing everything.

    26. And lastly, a hydration pack so they can sip hands-free when they're out and about (it'll give them a place to stash their essentials, too). The removable inner sack can hold up to two litres of water, so it'll last them on even a long hike or bike ride.

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