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    24 Things You Probably Need If You Struggle To Get Up In The Morning

    Please don't talk to me until I've had my coffee.

    1. A six-pack of coffee concentrate capsules that can be used hot or cold. It'll fit in your Keurig if you like your cuppa joe hot or you can peel pack the top and mix with water and ice for a refreshing iced beverage.

    the cold brew cups

    2. A dry shampoo that'll give you a few extra minutes to snooze in the morning when you don't feel like taking a shower. It'll also give your hair some extra volume when it's looking flat.

    the dry shampoo next to an iced coffee that someone is pouring milk into

    3. A versatile ice roller that'll give you an instant boost. The cold therapy it provides can help de-puff your face, reduce headaches, and even soothe your sensitive spots after a wax.

    4. Or a pair of cooling ice tools that'll wake your skin up and reduce puffiness. They're made of stainless steel and filled with a special cooling gel, so they'll stay cold throughout your entire facial.

    the cooling globes on a marble coaster

    5. This vibrating alarm clock that'll literally shake you awake, if you're a seriously heavy sleeper. Your roommates will appreciate it too, since they won't have to hear your blaring alarm go off from the next room over. It's also a great alarm alternative for those with hearing loss!

    the alarm on a table with the vibrating part next to it

    6. A bottle of rose water spray that'll give your skin an instant pick-me-up. A few spritzes throughout the day will keep your face quenched from the moment you wake up. Reviewers also love using it as a setting spray.

    woman spraying rose water spray

    7. The programmable coffee maker that you can set up the night before, so you'll wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It has a warming plate that'll keep your coffee warm, so it'll taste fresh even if you wake up a few hours late.

    the coffee maker on a countertop

    8. Or this cold brew coffee maker, if you prefer your drinks iced. Just fill the filter with your favourite coffee grounds (no need to buy any special cold brew formulas) and leave overnight.

    9. A set of sheer curtains that'll help you wake up naturally with the sun. Reviewers say that they still give them enough privacy at night, especially when paired with an LED light strip around their window frame.

    the curtains on a rod over a large window with a table in front of it

    10. Or this alarm clock that'll simulate a sunrise at any time of day. It features seven soothing sounds to start your morning to (or you can just pick your favourite radio station).

    person reading with the light on

    11. And a light therapy lamp that'll help you combat the winter blues throughout the day. It mimics the brightness of the sun (but you can adjust the brightness if it's a little too strong).

    person pressing the power button on the light therapy lamp

    12. A face wash that'll help you get out of your half-asleep state (especially when paired with a few splashes of cold water!). It can also be used as a nourishing rinse-off face mask when applied thicker and left for longer.

    the bottle of face wash on a ledge

    13. A Garnier eye roller that'll perk you right up with ingredients like caffeine and B5. The roller part is cool to the touch and will help improve circulation to drain any extra fluid build-up (plus it feels like a mini massage).

    The tube surrounded by flowers and towels

    14. Or this peptide eye cream that'll keep your eye area hydrated, too. You can use the round head to give yourself a little massage to help de-puff your under-eyes.

    15. A versatile Amazon Show that’ll let you set an alarm, keep a calendar, check the news, and set reminders, so you’ll be up to speed and ready for your day before you’re even out of bed. You'll also be able to video chat your friends or keep an eye on your little one when using other compatible devices.

    The Show on a table

    16. A pack of melatonin gummies that'll help regulate your sleep cycle naturally, so you can create an actual routine. Reviewers with insomnia say that it helps them fall asleep faster.

    a pack of the vitamins on a bed next to a sleeping mask

    17. An energizing citrus body wash that'll stimulate your senses in the shower. Reviewers love how much it lathers up, making them feel extra fresh and clean.

    the bottle among a bed of citrus fruits

    18. A sleep journal to track your sleep quality and analyze your dreams, so you can figure out if there are any patterns that are causing you to struggle to get up. Logging your dreams also improves memory retention (and keep track of any great ideas that come to you while you snooze).

    a snapshot of a page of the journal that includes questions like how did you sleep and what woke you

    19. A water bottle to keep by your bed that'll get your body hydrated after a long slumber. It'll also help you track your water intake, if you have a hard time remembering throughout the day. The little dots on the cap appear each time the bottle is refilled.

    water bottle on a table surrounded by gift boxes and pine cones

    20. An oil-free energy-boosting moisturizer that'll leave your face feeling refreshed with ingredients like citrus extracts, caffeine, and ginseng.

    the tub of product on a bathroom countertop

    21. A pair of warm slippers that'll keep your feet from touching the cold floor first thing in the morning (because that's honestly the worst thing to wake up to). They're made with a cushy memory foam and lined with plush faux fur, so your tootsies will be super cozy all day long.

    the slippers on the floor

    22. A lap desk that you can do your work on, if you need juuust a few more minutes in bed. It has a slot for your phone, so you can check your emails (or scroll through TikTok???), too.

    person working on the lap desk

    23. A pack of gel under-eye patches that'll help wake up those tired eyes with soothing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. If you throw these bad boys in the fridge before you use them, they'll boost you up even more.

    the packaging of the under eye patches that say it's like an energy drink for your eyes

    24. And lastly, this alarm clock that you'll only be able to turn off if you hit a bullseye with the laser gun. It'll force you to get up and use your brain, so you'll be ready to get on with your day.

    Me every morning:

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