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    You Should Check Out These 25 Products If You Love Everything Gold

    All gold everything.

    1. An abstract painting that'll spruce up your plain walls. It comes in a ready-to-hang gold frame, so all you'll have to do is put it up.

    the painting on a wall in a living room

    2. A sleek watering can that's just as pretty as it is functional. The extra-long spout makes it easy to get right into the soil, without splashing all over the leaves.

    the watering can on a table

    3. A toilet paper roll holder with a shelf to store your phone or a decoration. Since it has an open handle, you can easily slide the rolls on and off when it comes time to change it.

    the holder with a phone and toilet roll on it

    4. A stylish pair of glasses that'll help you change up your look, if you've had your frames forever. You'll be able to completely customize your frames in width, prescription type, and even add a blue light filter — all from the comfort of your home.

    person with the glasses on

    5. A double-layered tray to store all of your random bits and bobs, like glasses and jewellery. Reviewers also love using it to store their skincare, saying it helps them save space on their counters.

    the two layered tray

    6. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll add a little bit of ~spice~, if you're tired of staring at the same four walls all day. It's made of removable vinyl, so you won't have to commit to it if you like to change up your style often.

    a wall with the wallpaper on it

    7. A pair of Bluetooth headphones that'll block out external noises, so you can jam out to your favourite tunes or watch your shows. They have a built-in microphone, meaning you'll also be able to use them for calls and meetings.

    person with the headphones on

    8. A shower curtain with a marble pattern that'll make your bathroom feel super luxe. It's completely waterproof and soap resistant, so you won't even need to pair it with a shower liner.

    the shower curtain in front of a tub

    9. A pair of grid panels that you can use to display all of your favourite photos and mementos. It'll save you from having to frame everything and leave your room looking effortlessly chic.

    the grid above a desk

    10. A pack of gold handles that'll instantly make any drawer or cabinet unit look more expensive. Reviewers say the brushed gold shade looks high end and love how easy they are to install.

    a bathroom dresser with the knobs installed

    11. These circle wall decals that'll let you completely customize the layout of your design. They'll stick to any smooth surface, so you can give your furniture a little extra flair, too.

    the decals on a wall next to two chairs and a table

    12. A set of gold flatware that'll add some sparkle and shine to your next meal. They're made of stainless steel, so they're just as sturdy as they are beautiful.

    the flatware on a plate

    13. A gold hand statue that's honestly just one of those "I don't need it, but I want it" kind of decorations. If you want to use it as something functional, you can store your rings on it.

    the hand statue holding a piece sign

    14. A moon and star wall decoration that'll add some boho vibes to your home. Each piece hooks on individually, so you can play around with the orientation to get a perfectly-customized piece of decor.

    the decoration hanging above a bar

    15. A mixology set, so you can mix up some cocktails while looking like a fancy bartender. It comes with everything you'll need to try your hand at even the most complicated drinks and a stand to display everything in.

    the set

    16. An elevated plant pot that'll make your favourite flora stand out. Since it's elevated, it'll give plants with long vines some room to hang.

    a plant in the pot

    17. A placemat that'll protect your table from scrapes and scratches while completing your dinner set look. You can also use them in place of coasters to protect your coffee table from water rings and spills.

    person putting plates on the placemat

    18. A set of frames that'll help you get started on that gallery wall you've been wanting forever. They come pre-filled with abstract prints, so you won't have to give yourself a headache looking around for matching pictures.

    the four frames with the abstract prints inside on the wall

    19. This cactus duvet cover with eyecatching little metallic cacti. It'll give your room a desert vibe and make you never want to get out of bed.

    the set on a bed

    20. A curtain rod that'll give your drapes a beautiful place to hang. It comes with matching brackets that'll help you mount it on the wall, so you won't have to add any extra bells and whistles to your cart.

    the curtain rod

    21. A pack of mirrored butterfly stickers that'll catch the light and make your room sparkle. You can also use them on your fridge, windows, and even as decor for a special occasion.

    the butterfly stickers on a wall

    22. A bathroom set that'll even make brushing your teeth feel like a luxurious task. The pieces are made of sturdy metal, so they're easy to clean and you won't have to worry about them cracking.

    the set with a toothbrush holder, cup, soap holder, and soap pump

    23. This anklet that'll add a touch of glam to your outfit and spruce up your favourite pair of shoes. The lobster clasp clips onto any part of the anklet, so you can adjust it to fit perfectly or even wear it as a bracelet.

    the anklet around someone's ankle

    24. A trash can, if your obsession with having a cohesive space goes down to the last detail. You could also use it as a planter because of its cylindrical shape.

    the trash can under a desk

    25. And lastly, a rolling bar cart that'll blend right in with whatever decor you already have going on. It's also great for creating more storage space in smaller rooms, or as a bedside table.

    bottles and books and a towel on the cart

    You with all these products in your cart:

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