You Should Probably Watch These Puppies And Kittens Flying Through The Air In Slow Motion

It’s even more adorable than it sounds. If that’s even possible. (No animals were harmed in the making of the video).

1. Okay, first things first. Watch this:

2. Now that you’ve officially experienced the cuteness overload that is kittens and puppies flying through the air dressed as Gangsters and Super Heroes, it’s time to try and determine who won this slowmo battle- the canines or the felines.

3. First up, we have the kittens, coming in strong right off the get-go.

+1 for the fierce stance and aggressive launch.

4. But the puppies aren’t going to take that lying down.

This Chihuahua gets +1 for his incredible lift off and +1 for his sweet bandana.

5. But the kittens strike back.

Look at that form. Look at the pizzazz. We’re gonna give +2 because this one’s got the “it” factor, folks.

6. Looks like puppies are pulling out all the stops now.

Look at that hair glistening in the sun as she glides through the air. +1 for gracefulness.

7. It looks like the judges have reached a verdict, and it’s going to be a close one….


We all know that when it comes to the battle of kittens vs. puppies, there will never be a true winner because they’re all so dang cute!

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