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18 Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram If You Love To Travel

Warning: Major Wanderlust Ahead

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We asked 18 travel Instagrammers what their best travel tip or hack was, and here's what they said...

1. Rob King — @king_roberto


@king_roberto's travel tip: "Wake up early to catch golden hour and beat the crowds — it may be hard to get out of bed, but you won't regret it!"

2. Alex Strohl — @alexstrohl


@alexstrohl's travel tip: "Once I book my trip I start scoring Instagram hashtags and geotags to find and reach out locals who know the place I’m headed to. 99% of the time they’re a blast to hang out with and keen to show me around their favorite places I would have never found on my own."

3. Christian A. Schaffer — @christianschaffer


@christianschaffer travel tips: "When it comes to travel, I’ve found that having an open mind is the most valuable asset you can have. Leave space for the unexpected, and embrace the good along with the bad. If you can travel someplace alone at least once. Even if everything goes wrong you will learn things about yourself that you might otherwise never know."

4. Bring Me — @bringme


@bringme's travel tips: "When planning your itinerary, don't just stick to the 'top 10 lists.' Dig through other social media platforms — YouTube, Instagram, community groups, blogs, etc. — to find some of the best food and local hot spots."

5. Daniel Kordan — @danielkordan


@danielkordan's travel tip: "I spend a lot of time back home planning unique projects like our photography expedition around Greenland and then to Antartica, skating journey on Baikal Lake, next year's expedition to South Georgia and many others. Planning and finding unique subjects distinguish your work from others."

6. El Camino Travel — @elcaminotravel


@elcaminotravel's travel tip: "There is a reason you are seeing Colombia all over your Instagram feed. Many travelers are realizing it is truly the hidden gem of South America. However, if you visit please please please do not do a "Narcotour" or "Pablo Escobar Tour." These are tours where you allegedly meet individuals connected to Pablo Escobar, including his main assassin or his brother, and visit locations that are emblematic to the series. For a few pesos, guides will tell grandiose lies about the details of his life, positioning Escobar as more of a Robin Hood than a man who terrorized a nation for a decade. Many Colombians are baffled by why tourists are so fascinated by this horrific and very real lived experience for millions of Colombians."

Instead, if you want to truly be a traveler and not a tourist, have an experience that delves deep into the grand transformation and innovation that took place after the death of Escobar. Learn, how Paisas (the name for locals from Medellín) pulled themselves up from the ashes of Escobar's carnage to build a city that was awarded the Most Innovative City by the Urban Land Institute in 2013."

7. Roberto H. — @dronerobert


@dronerobert's travel tip: "When droning, it's best to ask for forgiveness than for permission. You have to be responsible, but if you see a shoot you a once-in-a-lifetime shoot, you have to take it. I always plan my escape route in case someone doesn't want me to be shooting with my drone."

8. Laura — @vagablonde_laura


@vagablonde_laura's travel tip: "My favorite travel hack is taking advantage of extended layovers offered by airlines. When flying internationally I always book airlines that will let me add a free extended layover in their home country for a day or even longer. Some of the best airlines to do this are Wow Airlines for Iceland, Turkish Airlines for Istanbul and Air China for Beijing. This travel hack lets me add a short visit to a new country without paying anything extra."

9. Daniel Yubi — @danielyubi


@danielyubi's travel tip: "The hack is really simple, you go to Google Maps, and you can create a lists of all places you want to visit. For example, I went to Berlin and Prague with my girlfriend and created a "Connie & Yubi" list.

1. Your places

2. Saved Places

3. Create (+)

4. Add locations

5. Share Map with travel partners.

The cool thing is that:

- If you search for a place in google you can save it to the list

- You can download the whole city, and see the pins

- Share it with your friends and they will see the places

- This is for mobile and web app

If you want to see the total distance of all the places you must do it on web, and add all the directions (stop by stop), and it will show you the total time and distance :)"

10. How Far From Home — @howfarfromhome


@howfarfromhome's travel tip: "Travel with someone (whether it's your girlfriend, boyfriend, BFF, or the friend you made last night at the hostel bar), that way there will be someone to motivate you when you're too tired/hungry/hangry to continue. You can also split the weight between your bags, split the bill at the end of a thirsty night, and when you want to lie on the beach between umbrellas, there's someone to fly the drone to capture that memory."

11. Daisy Chaussée — @daisychaussee


@daisychaussee's travel tip: "Rent a car and turn your travels into a road trip! It makes trips that much more customizable and memorable because you can go wherever you want and reach places that would be hard to get to otherwise."

12. Hey Wanderer — @heywanderer


@heywanderer's travel tip: "When we are going to a new place, we will do a lot of research on Instagram and save pictures of places we want to visit in a "collection" for that particular destination. This has been a really effective way of taking notes of people's recommendations and keeping a visual of all the beautiful places to visit."

13. Travel Leap — @travel_leap


@travel_leap's travel tip: "Our favourite travel tip, which saves both money and the environment, is to bring along a portable water-purifier that allows you to purify tap water (or even river water). You will avoid having to buy water bottles and have drinkable water anywhere."

14. airbnb — @airbnb


@airbnb's travel tip: "When booking an Insta-worthy vacation – think infinity pools and full open kitchens, in accommodations that are pet friendly!" You can see what amenities ranked highest on airbnb here.

15. Best Vacations — @bestvacations


@bestvacations' travel tip: "Pack light and travel the world with only a carry on! This saves a lot of time at airports when having to wait for the bags, there are no worries or stress of lost suitcases, no time wasted for delays, and makes things easy to explore when in a new destination." @bestvacations' founder Melissa usually travels with just 10 outfits and just does her laundry every 10 days — even if she's planning on being gone for months at a time.

16. Black Tomato — @blacktomatotravel


@blacktomatotravel's travel tip: “Travel outside of the high season. It’s a great opportunity to head further afield and take advantage of the lower prices and offers, as well as to escape the crowds that you may find closer to home. It’s also a great chance to explore somewhere more off the beaten path that you wouldn’t necessarily think of, where you can interact with locals and generally take things at slower pace than during high season when it’s busy and you may be more rushed to cram everything in.”

17. Stephanie Hill — @thestylebungalow


@thestylebungalow's travel tip: "Might seem fancy, but hiring a personal driver for a day! You would be surprised how affordable it is in other countries! Not only do personal drivers know all the best spots and restaurants but they also double as a travel guide too!"

18. Anna Karsten — @theannakarsten


@theannakarsten's travel tip: "Always pack your necessities and clothes for a few days in your carry on in case your luggage gets lost. Use a packing cube to squeeze it all in."