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    This Mother And Daughter Duo Lost 74 Pounds In 100 Days And Documented Their Journey

    You go, girls!

    50-year-old Cheryl Shaw and her daughter, 17-year-old Tessa, were unhappy with their weight, and they needed a change. After being inspired by a #GiveIt100 video that went viral, the pair decided to spend 100 days losing weight, together.

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    Here are Cheryl and Tessa before they started their health and fitness journey.

    "I’m so glad me and my daughter are doing this thing together," Cheryl said. "It’s such a team effort, it’s like, OK mom what are we going to do today?"

    They got to work hitting the gym and prepping meals early in the week, so they wouldn't have excuse to not eat healthy food.

    Even after 12-hour shifts at work, Cheryl and Tessa held each other accountable, and never missed a day of exercising.

    While they did have their setbacks...

    They always managed to get back on track.

    And 100 days later...

    The mother and daughter powerhouse lost a combined 74 pounds!

    And while they've lost the double chins they hated, they say they can still do this... Congrats Cheryl and Tessa!