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This Miley Cyrus Superfan Got Naked To Ask Her To His High School’s Prom

"And if you aren't the slow dancing type, no worries. I go to public school, and grinding is allowed!"

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If Miley ends up saying yes to 17-year-old Matt Peterson, this won't be the first time the two will have met.

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Back in 2009, Matt, who was nicknamed "Mr. Cyrus" growing up, stood outside of an Arizona radio station at 3 in the morning, hoping to meet the Hannah Montana star.

After hours of waiting, a radio station employee came down and told Matt that someone was on the phone for him. Miley was on the other end, and invited him up to hang out for the morning.

When Matt went up and met Miley in person, he couldn't stop bawling. He even got Miley choked up.

Six months after Matt and Miley's first encounter, Matt sat in the front row of her Wonderworld concert with eight signs. Halfway through the show, Miley noticed him and gave him a personal shout out.

This time, Matt says his reaction was just a tad more "manly" than the first time he met her.

Now, five years later, Matt says he wants to make more memories with Miley at Arcadia High School's Prom on May 3.

He'll be sitting in the sixth row at her BANGERZ tour when it stops in Phoenix on Feb. 27, and hopes Miley will have an answer for him.

Seems like a match made in heaven!

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