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This Couple Made A Video Reenacting Their Relationship And It Ended With Him Popping The Question

After spending the day re-creating memories, they made a new one that they'll never forget.

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First, they recreated the day they met at Regent University. Beecher couldn't get the printers at school to work, and April, a graduate student, hooked him up.

Next, they re-enanted their first date, a Christmas ball they attended together.

From there, they went to the beach to re-enact a special day they had at the beach where they each found an amazing shell to bring home.

And throughout the day, they paused to take plenty of dance breaks.

Finally it was time to go to the church they both attend, where April thought they were going to "do this cool door effect thing and watch the sunset." Little did April know that when she opened the door, Beecher would be down on one knee...

Of course, she said yes!

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