There’s A Video Of A Waffle Falling Over And Now It’s A Meme

It’s a waffle. Falling over. And it has over 600,000 views. Anything is possible.

1. Leave it to the Internet to turn a video of a waffle falling over into a meme. So how did this happen? According to YouTuber Schnöölehelettelettö, it all started with a video of carrot falling over.

3. From there, Schnöölehelettelettö began uploading videos of lots of other foods losing their balance…

4. A Slice of Cheese

5. A Banana

6. Even a “Pickled Herring sliding down a cut straw attached to a potato.” Things got weird.

7. None of Schnöölehelettelettö’s videos had many views, but he did have a sort of cult following. That is until one of his followers decided to post his video of a Waffle falling over on Reddit.

8. BEHOLD in all its greatness.

9. Within days, the video racked up over 600,000 views. And then the oh-so-clever people of the Internet began remaking the video. Yes, they began remaking a video of a Waffle falling over.

10. There’s “V2,” which we will call the Sponge Bob Edition.

11. Then there was the Breaking Bad Edition.

12. The “Wait for the Drop” Edition.

13. There’s even a Slow-Mo Version.

15. What in God’s name is wrong with the kids.

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