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Watch Photoshop Transform This "Average" Woman Into A Real-Life Barbie In 37 Seconds

Beauty is in the eye of the photo retoucher.

This video, created by GlobalDemocracy.com, is part of a campaign that would make publications include disclaimers if models have been significantly airbrushed or Photoshopped.

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The video starts with what most would describe as an average looking woman- natural hair, no makeup, no fancy lighting.

First, makeup is applied, hair extensions are added, and hair is curled and teased.

Next comes some major lighting...

The photographer and model's work are done, and now it's time for the photo retoucher. The model's eyes are made bigger, her nose slimmer...

Her stomach is made skinnier, her shoulder is heightened, her legs, neck and arms made longer.

Finally, her hair and skin are lightened and brightened.

This is the final result.