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This Baseball Mascot Made A Deaf Child’s Day By Using Sign Language To Communicate With Him

Whoever said mascots can't talk doesn't speak sign language.

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The Dayton Dragons are seven-year-old Hunter's favorite baseball team. So when he saw the team's mascot Heater before a recent home game, he ran up to say hi. But no one was expecting what happened next...

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Matt Samworth / Via

After approaching Heater, Hunter's mom told him to say "It's nice to meet you." Hunter obliged, and unexpectedly, one of the Dragon's "Green Team" members began signing back to him, so dad decided to start recording.

Matt Samworth / Via

Then suddenly, Heater jumped into the conversation, using sign language to communicate with Hunter too! "You can see on the video, his smile is like, he gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me," Hunter's mom Cheri told WRGT.

Matt Samworth / Via

A great surprise for a young fan who really deserves it. Thanks for being awesome, Heater!

Matt Samworth / Via

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