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"Kesha" And A Group Of Veterans Did A Lip Dub To "Your Love Is My Drug" And It's Amazing

Okay, so it's not actually Kesha, but this girl's impression is spot on.

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Meet Mat, Jarred, Rocco, and Derek. All four men served in the armed forces. Now, they own a clothing line called Article 15, and also make a bunch of awesome YouTube videos for the veteran community.

Mat Best MBest11x / Via Facebook: mbest11x

BuzzFeed spoke to Jarred Taylor, who said the crew set out to make an epic Veteran's Day video with their friend and actress Lindsay Lamb. While getting ready for the video, they realized Lamb would make a perfect Kesha.

Jarred told us that they all figured 10 minutes after posting the video, people would realize it wasn't actually Kesha and the whole thing would be over, but no one seems to really catch on, and the video has received over 222,000 views in 7 hours.