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    One SXSW Crash Victim Got A Private Hospital Room Concert From Her Favorite Band

    Mason Endres couldn't go to her favorite band's concert, so they brought the concert to her.

    You can watch the private performance here:

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    Jared & The Mill, a self-described indie folk-rock band from Tempe, Ariz., is one of 18-year-old Mason Endres' favorite bands.

    Unfortunately, Mason's dream of seeing Jared & The Mills perform was shattered when a suspected drunken driver plowed through a crowded Austin, Texas street — killing three and injuring more than 20.

    Mason suffered a broken leg, a fractured neck, and a broken nose, according to Austin American-Statesman. She was rushed to St. David’s Medical Center.

    Two of the band members had been talking to Mason just minutes before the accident.

    When they found out that their friend had been among those injured in the crash and wouldn't be able to make their show, they decided to bring the concert to her hospital room.

    "Today, I felt better than I ever imagined I thought I would feel in a hospital," Mason said just following her visit from the band.