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After This Motorcyclist Watched A Man Miss The Bus, He Decided To Do Something Really Awesome

Nice guys FTW.

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Watch the entire video, which was caught on dashcam, here:

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This Romanian motorcyclist was riding along, minding his own business....

When he witnessed a man miss the bus he was trying to catch.

Instead of driving off, like most people probably would, he offered to let him jump on the back and hitch a ride to the next stop.

The pair quickly caught up to the bus...

But as the man got off the motorcycle to catch the bus (again), the bus driver took off, leaving the man (again).

Determined to get this man on the bus, the motorcyclist invited the man back on his bike, and they took off chasing the bus yet again.

This time, the motorcyclist wasn't leaving anything up to chance. Instead of just following the bus, he passed it... and made sure to make his presence known with a few honks.

He dropped the man off on the side of the road, and we can only hope the man was able to get on the bus and make it to wherever he was going. YAY for random acts of kindness.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly states that the cyclist was Russian.

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