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    A Group Of Women Surprised Their Friend With Breast Cancer By Shaving Their Heads

    And her reaction will melt your heart.

    Everyone should be lucky enough to have one true friend in life. Gerdi McKenna has 11.

    After their friend Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer, a group of women headed to the hair salon to do something few friends would consider. Ten of them shaved their heads, and one cut off more than 15 inches of hair.

    Shaving off all their hair meant giving up their pride, but they had each other to help with the nerves.

    “I learned one thing this morning and that is that hair is but a small part of you,” one of the women said after shaving her head.

    After all their heads were shaved, it was time for the women to surprise Gerdi with their new do's. "I think she's going to be very happy, upset and tearful," one woman predicted.

    When Gerdi arrived, the women pulled off their matching beanies to reveal their now bald heads. The look on Gerdi's face was worth more than a head of hair ever could be.

    "You girls look AWESOME," she said through tears.

    Next, the ladies did what any group of women sporting fabulous new hair do's would do— they had a photo shoot.

    Now THAT'S a beautiful photo.

    The women donated their hair to CANSA, a nonprofit that provides cancer support, research, and education in South Africa.