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A Group Of Shirtless Guys Remade Beyoncé's "7/11" While Stuck In A Snow Storm

"No kale was harmed in the filming of this video."

Matthew Barela told BuzzFeed that after driving upstate for Thanksgiving, he and his friends (and Sophie the dog) got snowed in at their place, so they thought, Duh, Beyoncé. They're calling themselves Boyoncé, and their video rivals the original.

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matthiasab / Via

Trapped inside, they couldn't get their hands on a KALE sweatshirt, so they made do with actual kale.

Luckily, they did have access to a blowdryer...

And some red cups!

While the guys' remake isn't a shot-for-shot re-creation, they did an excellent job including many of Queen B's most memorable moves from the video.

Including the amazing moment she turned her foot into a phone...

And the unforgettable moment she shook it in her skivvies.

So FIERCE! Beyoncé would be proud.

"We've all been buddies for a while, we don't take ourselves too seriously," Barela told BuzzFeed. "The video sort of just happened."