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I Tried "Slugging," The Viral Vaseline Moisturizing Hack, And My Skin Is Literally Glowing

I can't imagine surviving winter without this hack.

I'm Maya, and my skin has been in a battle with winter for 23 years, except it isn't really a battle, because winter kicks my skin's ass every time. As someone who struggles with chronically dry skin and eczema, keeping my face and body hydrated has always been an issue, but since winter hit, it's become nearly impossible.

BuzzFeeder Maya Ogolini stands outside and covers the bottom of her face with the top of her winter jacket

That's why I was interested in trying "slugging," a skincare hack that swears to cure your dry skin. The premise is simple: At night, you complete your normal skincare routine, but then add a light layer of a petroleum-based product to act as a kind of occlusive barrier that will seal all of the moisture into your skin so that you wake up hydrated and glowy. So to test this, I decided to "slug" my face, lips, and hands.

Left: A 7 oz bottle of Aquaphor Middle: A 13 oz container of Vaseline Right: A 3 oz bottle of Cerave Healing Ointment

The process: Relatively painless. I was honestly expecting to look a bit greasier than you see in the photo, but the number one tip I've heard while researching this hack is not to overdo it. So, I'm using the slug serving size of a pea-sized amount, no bigger than a dime.

Left: A small amount of Vaseline on the back of a hand Right: BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini wearing a light layer of Vaseline over her face
Banner that reads, "The Morning After Results"

There's no other way to say this: This hack is incredible. I woke up the next morning and immediately noticed a difference in my face. First off, my skin feels less tight than it normally does when I wake up, and it has a really nice bounce to it that definitely wasn't there before. I also typically struggle with dry patches on my chin and forehead that only get worse with makeup application. While these areas were still a bit dry, there was definitely a noticeable improvement.

Left: BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini smiling in a selfie Right: BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini smiling in a selfie

As for my hands, they are, without a doubt, the dryest part of my body. Once in middle school, a boy named David refused to hold my hand during a game because he told me that I had "old person" hands. Anyway, "slugging" saved my hands. While other dry areas of my body were itchy and uncomfortable, there were days where it hurt to use my hands because my skin was so dry. Overnight, my hands became less inflamed, and the pain was relatively gone. After about a week of slugging my hands, I can absolutely tell a difference as most of my eczema flare-ups have gone down.

Left: An irritated and inflamed hand Right: A less irritated hand with an arrow connecting the two images
A caption that reads "Final Thoughts"

If you have dry skin, you should definitely try out slugging. It's inexpensive, easy, and shows results. It's definitely for very dry skin, as those with oily skin have reported that using petroleum-based products can clog pores. As for me, I'm a proud member of the slug club and will continue to keep my Vaseline in my skincare's regular rotation.

Photos of Maya's face with Vaseline on and then the morning after slugging

Have you ever tried slugging before? What are some of your favorite dry skin hacks? Let me know in the comments!