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    19 Clueless, Confused, And Chaotic Customers Who Made Workers Question The Nature Of Reality

    "I had a young woman come into my work asking if we could repair her acrylic nail that had broken off. I’m an ER nurse."

    Let's be honest, customer service workers are expected to put up with a lot more than they reasonably should. It's about time we threw the phrase "The customer is always right" in the trash, especially because more often than not, the customer is really, really wrong.

    Reddit user u/Vengeful8 recently asked, "What was you biggest 'Sir, this is a Wendy’s' moment?" In case you're out of the loop, "Sir, this Is a Wendy's" is a popular meme used as a response to bizarre or overwhelming requests and statements from customers. Here are a few examples that'll either make you laugh or cry:

    1. "I was working nights at a Motel 6 in college, and this guy walked in fall-down drunk. He left his key card at the bar, and wanted me to let him into his room. I checked the registration, his name isn't on the room. I told him no. He said he knows the hotel's owner and he'll have me fired (it's a corporate-owned chain). I still said no. He screamed, 'LET ME INTO MY FUCKING ROOM.' Still no. We argued for a few minutes, but I didn't budge, so he wandered off. He came back half an hour later and slammed a card down on the counter. He yelled, 'HERE'S MY FUCKING CARD, LET INTO MY FUCKING ROOM YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.' I slowly slid the card back to him. 'This card is for a Super 8, your hotel is two blocks south of here.'"

    Hotel desk handing a card to a patron

    2. "'I would like to complain about your cat food selection.' (direct quote) 'Miss, this is the pharmacy.'"


    3. "I had someone call asking for kayak rentals and the best places to kayak despite me saying several times we were a restaurant. It ended with being told that I'm ruining their vacation."


    4. "I’m an audiologist. A dude contacted our practice asking what the procedure is to reschedule his court date. Turns out he had a hearing. Sir, that’s not the type of hearing we do."


    5. "I worked at Medieval Times for a summer. They do 'knighting ceremonies,' where the fake queen actor comes out before the show and performs a formal knighting service, for an outrageous price of course. This one guy came in very upset and asked to speak to 'the queen,' because the fake certificate with cartoon horses on it, 'signed by the queen herself,' obviously mass printed and fake, did not actually grant him any royalty and he was being denied entry to something because his status wasn't royalty. Like this man thought he was actually being knighted by a royal person or some shit. I literally had to explain, 'Sir, this is a fake show where all the knights and queens are just actors and actresses.' He said, 'You should really put that in the notes, some people think this is real.' No buddy, only you."

    Medieval knight

    6. "I worked nights at an emergency animal hospital a few years ago. One unnaturally quiet night, a sweet-looking older woman walked in and took a seat in our lobby without checking in with me at the front desk. After about five minutes, I walked around and asked if she needed anything, to which she cheerfully told me that her girlfriend had been bitten by a dog and she was just waiting to meet her at the hospital. I didn't say anything for a moment and watched her eyes slide over to the sign above the desk, which proudly proclaimed us as a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital. 'Oh.' I offered to get her some directions to the nearest human ER, but she declined and headed out. Still the nicest client I saw that night though."


    7. "A woman asked me where something in a store was. I stood there awkwardly, being a 13-year-old trying to sell Girl Scout cookies. I got into an argument with her about whether or not I worked there. And she brought out the manager who took one look at me and said I didn't and that he had never seen me in his life."


    8. "Someone tried to drop off their cat at the child care center I work at. Verbal directions to the cat kennel were unsuccessful. We had to walk them outside and point to the building."

    Cat in a carrier

    9. "Once, a woman called Home Depot's customer service and waited for an hour to speak to someone. When she finally got to me, she spent 15 minutes going on and on about the product that she needed. I figured it out about three minutes into the call, but waited for her to be done before I told her she confused us with Office Depot."


    10. "I own and work in an 8x8 drive-up coffee shop where there is literally room for machines and me. A guy came up and tried to sell me buffalo meat in bulk. I told him I'm a coffee shop. He insisted that I need to build a kitchen to sell his buffalo burgers. I again told him I'm a coffee shop, he then told me that WHEN my kitchen is built that he would sell me buffalo meat. This dude was then upset when, two months later when he returned, my shop didn't have a kitchen. I again told him I sell coffee. He then proceeded to tell me that he was going to have someone drop off a few square hay bales on my lot for him to pick up later. I told him that I'm not a drop-off spot, I'm a drive-thru. If this story sounds dumb and almost unreal, you're just as confused as I was. The shit you hear and see at a service window sometimes is appalling."


    11. "I was in a church watching a choir sing. A guy walked in half way through the performance, sat down, and waited for a break. Then he walked up to the conductor and asked where to vote."


    12. "There's a local garage door service company that's quite good. Their Google reviews are all 5-star, except one 1-star review that reads, 'This place has the blandest tacos in town.'"

    Phone with a bad review

    13. "I had a young woman come into my work late at night asking if we could repair her acrylic nail that had broken off. I’m an ER nurse."


    14. "I used to work in a bookstore and answered the phone one day. It was a guy asking if we still had that sale on Viagra. Embarrassingly, I exclaimed, 'Viagra?' Then said, 'Um, this is Barnes & Noble.' He didn't even sound embarrassed, just apologized and that was it. It was just odd because I answered the phone with, 'Barnes & Noble, how can I help you?' It could have been a prank call, but yeah, that's my moment."


    15. "My last week working retail, I had a customer we had to ask to leave because she was yelling at me for being close-minded because I didn't want to debate her over whether or not the moon landing was fake. The conversation started with me trying very patiently to explain to her why we didn't sell pots that could cook your food without getting hot."


    16. "I work at NAPA Auto Parts and had someone come in and ask if we sold the blue liquid that goes in porta potties."

    portable toilets

    17. "I used to work at a museum and got a call one day from a woman who wanted to 'donate her body to science.' I was like, 'That's very kind of you but we can't do that. We only can only accept artifacts that come from certain approved sources.' After some back and forth we realized that she had intended to call a local university and had gotten the wrong number."


    18. "When a lady handed me a Bath And Body Works gift card for her purchase and I told her we couldn’t accept it, she went off about why the hell not, it’s money, and blah blah. I had to wait for her to wind down before telling her we couldn’t accept it because we were in a Bed, Bath & Beyond. She at least had the wherewithal to look sheepish and apologize profusely for her confusion."


    19. "When I was working in a Subway located inside Walmart, we had a whole lot of people come in to try to pay for stuff from Walmart, and are appalled when we can't ring it up. One lady literally said, 'Well, every other register is full' on Black Friday."


    What's your biggest "Sir, this is a Wendy's moment?" Let me know in the comments!