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This Girl Is Going Viral For Calling Out A Guy Who Matched With Her Only To Ask About Her Friend, And People's Reactions Are Split

"He knew it was a rude thing to do; he just didn't care."

Some people will go to great lengths to shoot their shot, but every so often a situation arises that begs the age-old question: How far is too far?

Recently, I asked myself that question when Abby Rose (@abbyrose311) took to TikTok to share a Hinge exchange when a guy liked her profile to try and flirt with her friend.

After liking her profile, the man messages Abby and references one of her profile photos, asking about her friend who is sitting next to her in the photo. Abby responds that her friend has a boyfriend, and advises the man not to do this in the future.

Abby's video currently has 1.2M views, 108.4 likes, and a pretty divided comment section. Some people sympathize with Abby, but others argue that there was nothing wrong with what the guy did.

The comment section on abbyrose33's video

Abby, a college student in the Pittsburgh area, said that she wasn't affected by the message but still found it to be rude and distasteful. She said, "Matching with someone just to ask about their friends is extremely shallow, in my opinion. None of my friends would ever want a guy's information who acted like that, either."

Right: A photo of TikTok user abbyrose33

Abby added that the man actually messaged her back after she responded, saying, "I know, I'm sorry; I just had to know," acknowledging that the message was inappropriate. She pointed out, "He knew it was a rude thing to do; he just didn't care."

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Abby said that she was inspired to make a TikTok about the messages because she found the entire exchange to be funny, though she mentioned that she wasn't expecting the rather polarizing responses in the comments. A lot of women agreed with her that the man's actions were disrespectful, while a lot of men attempted to rationalize his actions and justify his behavior. Abby said, "A lot of the hardest comments to read were the ones telling me I came off as insecure, jealous, or as a bad friend for feeling this way."

Screengrabs of a TikTok by user abbyrose33 of a conversation on a dating app

While Abby found the whole exchange to be humorous, she stressed that might not always be the case, and noted, "Constantly receiving those messages asking about your friends can really negatively impact someone's self-esteem and confidence." Ultimately, Abby said that she actually learned from the entire ordeal, and concluded, "This entire thing was definitely an experience, and I learned a lot about dating app culture and, more specifically, how to have thick skin on the internet."