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Signs You May Be Obsessed With BuzzFeed

You might have a problem.

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One day, you are browsing on the internet.

You aren't really doing anything in particular, maybe checking your Facebook, watching cat videos, reading an article.

But then, something magical happens.

Something completely extraordinary.

You discover BuzzFeed!

It's like heaven! With cats!

"There are thousands and thousands of articles to choose from! Why have I never heard of this site before??"

The feels.

You decide to read every single BuzzFeed article in existence. Every. Single. One.

Even if you never went to Catholic school or lived in Ohio.

Hours pass and you're still reading about pugs and cronuts.

You can't take your eyes away.

It becomes a daily routine. Eat. Breathe. Sleep. BuzzFeed.

Maybe not sleep.

When you find a funny article, you always send them to your friends.

It's almost like they're annoyed with you.

But you do it anyway.

They wouldn't know humor if it bit them in the face.

You get frustrated when others don't get your love or simply mock your affection for BuzzFeed.

"It's not just Miley Cyrus and Tumblr corgis! There are also news stories! It's a professional news site with a humorous take on society and culture. I'm not wasting my life." *sobs*

When you've read all the articles published that day, you become empty inside until new ones appear.

Sometimes life isn't fair.

You can get into some hate-filled comment wars at the bottom of the article, and it always starts with childish insults.

It never ends well.

Then you learn that you can write your own BuzzFeed articles and show them to the WORLD.

This is what I've been waiting for my entire life.

You write some kickass articles and dream about being a famous BuzzFeed employee. It has become your goal.

It will happen someday.

You realize that you're spending more time on BuzzFeed than, ya know, communicating outside of the internet.

You try to quit, take time off of BuzzFeed, maybe do something else.

And it kills you.

You become paranoid about missing the newest articles that other people will get to read first.

It becomes harder and harder to stay away. It's like being away from a loved one.

But worse.

But the next day, you're right back to where you started from. On the BuzzFeed homepage, scrolling forever.

This is your life now. Welcome.

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