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    21 Kitchen Tools You Need If Fall Means Cooking And Baking Season In Your House

    Everything tastes better when you make it yourself.

    1. A wooden salad bowl that'll have you serving up sides like a pro. It comes with a large spoon and fork to help you toss your veggies together and pick everything up.

    the salad bowl with some spring mix in it and serving tools on top

    2. A batter mixer that'll make cooking pancakes a breeze. Just dump the ingredients directly into the container, shake it up, and squeeze. It'll help you evenly distribute your cupcake batter when you're baking, too.

    person pouring out pancakes on a griddle

    3. Or this mini waffle finger maker if waffles are your preferred syrup vessel. They're perfect for dipping and sharing!

    The waffle maker surrounded by waffle sticks

    4. A set of silicone baking cups with handles that'll help you make muffins or cupcakes that won't stick to the pan. They come in four colours, so you can colour-code different batches or ingredients.

    The cups filled with batter

    5. A mini baking set that'll make a great gift for the tiny chef in your life. They're actually functional so they can make a little treat without the huge mess.

    child playing with the mini baking set rolling out dough

    6. A mini loaf pan that'll make personal-sized treats to bring to school or work. You can also customize each loaf with specific ingredients which might be harder to do when you're making a full-sized loaf.

    7. A set of fall-themed cookie cutters that'll help you get in the spirit of the season. Reviewers love how big they are because they have lots of space to decorate on.

    8. A Staub cast iron pot shaped like a pumpkin that'll make cooking up stews or casseroles extra magical. It's so cute, you'll probably want to use it for serving, too.

    the pumpkin serving dish on a table

    9. A box of ceramic pie weights that'll help you bake a perfectly smooth crust. Reviewers say that these yield better results than using dried beans.

    the weights in the box and some in a pie container

    10. A set of silicone baking mats that'll take the guesswork out of spacing and sizing your confections. You'll also never have to buy parchment paper again because they're completely non-stick (meaning you can use them over and over again).

    11. A Countless Celebrations cake pan so you can try your hand at one of those aesthetic cakes you've been seeing all over social media. Since you can rearrange the inserts, you can also use it to make brownies that are crispy on every edge.

    12. A pair of oven gloves that'll give you more finger mobility than a pair of mitts. They're coated with a grippy textured material that make it easier to pick things up or even open jars.

    13. A set of measuring spoons that snap together with magnets so you won't need to pop them on and off a ring every time. They're double-ended for measuring liquid versus solid ingredients.

    the measuring spoons laid out on a table top

    14. An adjustable rolling pin that'll help you achieve different dough thicknesses depending on what you're making. It also has measurement markings on it, so you'll end up with a perfect circumference, too.

    person rolling out a lump of dough with the rolling pin on the included mat

    15. A bread-making kit that you can use to make your own delicious loaves at home. All you'll need to supply are the ingredients, because it has everything else.

    the complete bread-making kit with a mixer, separator, scorer and baking tray

    16. An anti-fatigue mat that your feet will thank you for after a long session in the kitchen. It's non-slip and waterproof, so you can even use it in front of the sink when you wash dishes.

    the mat in front of an oven

    17. A pantry cabinet that'll give you a ton of storage space for all your fall snacks and ingredients. When you're not using it, it'll conveniently snap closed with magnets and hide everything inside.

    18. An herb keeper that'll save your basil and mint from prematurely wilting. It uses hydro pads to regulate moisture levels, keeping the herbs inside crisp for up to ten days longer.

    herbs in the herb keeper

    19. And a pair of herb scissors that'll save you from spending all your time chopping. Then you can use the little comb it comes with to pull out any bits stuck in between the five blades.

    person snipping a green onion with the scissors

    20. A rotating grater and mandoline that'll save your fingertips from sharp edges. Plus, it's way more ergonomic and is easy to take apart to clean.

    person grating cheese with device

    21. And finally, a moisture-retaining terracotta bear that'll keep your brown sugar, cookies, marshmallows, or other ingredients soft and fresh for up to six months. It also works the opposite way (if you use it dry) to keep things like chips and pretzels from going stale.

    the bear in a jar of brown sugar

    You all season long:

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