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    20 Things You've Always Wondered What To Call

    Unless you do know what the things at the ends of your shoelaces are called for some reason, weirdo.

    1. The small metal cover between the pencil and the eraser is called a ferrule.

    CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frank C. Müller / / Via

    2. Ever wonder why some binders have holes cut into the cover? Those are called space-saver slots.

    CC BY-SA 2.5 / Pavel Krok / / Via

    Those slots give the binder more structural stability, and help cut down on the width of the binder overall.

    3. And now when you order a fancy imported beer, you'll know what that drop catcher on the stem is called.

    CC BY-SA 3.0 / Ra Boe / / Via

    4. The loop on the back of a dress shirt is called a locker loop.

    Facts Verse / BuzzFeed / Via

    Once upon a time, sailors' uniforms had a similar loop that they used to hang their shirts in the tight quarters of the ships they worked on. The trend caught on, and by the 1960s, many Oxford shirts had similar loops.

    5. The "F" and "J" keys have little bumps on them because they're the orientation keys. If you're trained in touch typing, you'll know that your index fingers rest on those keys.

    Getty Images

    6. The plastic bits at the ends of your shoelaces are actually called aglets, but you can keep calling them "little plastic thingies" if you want.

    Sebastian Fiebrig / BuzzFeed

    7. Though there's no consensus about what the divot in the bottom of a wine bottle is for, everyone agrees that it's called a punt.

    weingutfaubel / Via

    8. And that wire cage around a champagne cork is called a muselet.

    Gemeinfrei / Véronique Paginier / / Via

    9. Okay. Yes, you probably know this one. It's a spoon. But, did you know that the big end of a spoon is called the bowl?

    -slav- / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    10. The small turning knob on your watch is actually called a crown. Sounds pretty elegant, right?

    atisflohmarkt14 / BuzzFeed / Via

    11. And the rotating housing on your watch is called a bezel.

    schlabberle2014 / BuzzFeed / Via

    12. The useful end of your belt is called the buckle, and it's made up of a frame and a prong. (You can probably figure out which is which.)

    vonMatterhorn / Via

    13. The zipping part of a zipper is actually called a chain, and the things that holds it together are the teeth.

    Rukawajung / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    14. Have you ever wondered what the little pads on your glasses that let them rest on your nose are called? Easy. Nose pads.

    Victorrocha / CC BY-SA 3.0 / / Via

    15. Also, this one should be obvious, but the loops on the back of your running shoes are called pull loops. They're for pulling your shoes on.

    karate-kater / BuzzFeed / Via

    16. Depending on the kind of hammer you've got, the back part is called a peen or a claw, and the side you strike with is called a face.

    Gemeinfrei / Klebeband / BuzzFeed / Via

    17. This plastic thingie on a bag of bread is sometimes called an Occlupanid, but most people just call it a bread clip.

    18. And the thing that holds your earring in place is called a clutch.

    patmoo / Via

    19. The stringy bits on a banana are called phloem bundles.

    Cbck-christine / Getty Images

    20. That thing that's used to separate your groceries from everyone else's has many names, but according to one patent, it's called a divider for goods on a checkout conveyor.

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