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    21 Reasons German Will Always Be The World's Weirdest Language

    Never translate German expressions literally. NEVER! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

    1. German is a language in which one single word could mean just about anything.

    2. Only Germans know what the hell a "ß" is supposed to be.

    3. No other language has words this long.

    4. But German is handy. There's a word for absolutely everything, no matter what you want to say.

    5. It's also sort of complicated.

    6. And no other language sounds as... unique.

    7. This language can really irritate you.

    8. German is the most ambiguous language in the entire universe.

    9. Especially when you start to translate expressions word for word.

    10. German doesn't sound so great in everybody's ears.

    11. It's kind of misunderstood.

    12. English-speakers in particular often run into problems with German.

    13. Like this...

    14. Get it now?

    15. And English-speakers sometimes need a little help pronouncing everyday German terms.

    16. It doesn't matter what other countries are doing. Germans ALWAYS HAVE TO TRANSLATE EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.

    17. German seriously messes with your tongue.

    18. SERIOUSLY.

    19. And it's a very, very, VERY precise language, in which you must always know exactly what you want to say.

    20. We have one article... for every case.

    21. But hey, don't worry! Sometimes German is just as confusing even for Germans.

    This post was translated from German.