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    27 People Who Probably Always Lose At Tetris

    That spatial awareness though...

    1. First of all, there's this guy, who is pretty sure he can make this work:

    2. And then there's this person, who MADE it work:

    3. And this person, a serious testament to the power of tape:

    4. And this person, who honestly just needs to be told:

    5. You've got to admire this guy's resolve...

    6. And this person's sense of determination:

    7. This was bound to happen for this person:

    8. And this seems precarious, to say the least:

    9. I feeeeeel like this just isn't going to happen:

    10. And that this isn't technically what a convertible is for:

    11. Nor is this what a sun roof is for:

    12. This is simply not advisable:

    13. And this is simply not possible:

    14. This is just a huge NO.

    15. And this is an even huger NOPE.

    16. This is kind of cute, in a way?

    17. Whereas this is just plainly misguided...

    18. And this is kind of admirable:

    19. Again, we're never underestimating tape again:

    20. I don't like this...

    21. Or this...

    22. And the rearview was like that BEFORE you put the crates in, right?

    23. This is honestly just impressive...

    24. And this is workable, we guess:

    25. But this seems purely ill-advised:

    26. And while this kind of thing happens to the best of us...

    27. You're doing something wrong if it comes to this.

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    This post was translated from German.