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29 Horrible Things Everyone With Siblings Has Endured

Hitting yourself, wet fingers and SPIT STRINGS!

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1. Finishing every fight with the question: "Do you give up?"

2. The fear of a wet finger in your ear.

3. It was always about determining the pecking order.

4. And it always added insult to injury when you lost a fight and your brother or sister sat on you like this:

5. Everyone with siblings understood the importance of licking everything to claim it with "your germs."

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6. You always looked the same after a brawl.

7. And you put up with a lot of chewed up food.

8. And smelly feet being jammed in your face.

9. Feet were actually our most important weapon in the fight against our siblings.

10. As was the timeless martial art of hair-pulling.

11. Except for the times when it went too far. So, like... every time.

12. You learned to never trust the sentence "Hey just give me your arm, I want to show you something."


13. Same with "Pull my finger."

14. You locked each other up all the time.

15. Deciding who got to ride shotgun became very contentious.

16. And for good reason. If you didn't get the front seat, you were screwed for the entire ride.

17. And spit strings were essentially only used as a nuclear option because they were ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

18. Sometimes you picked a fight just because you were bored.

19. But you could always make peace over video games, even if your controller never seemed to work for some reason.

20. And when someone tried to switch channels during your show, there was only one thing you could do:

21. You spent much of your childhood bringing people toilet paper. Even though it was occasionally a trap.

22. You were subjected to some pretty sophisticated forms of torture as a kid.

23. Because just frightening your siblings became too tame and boring at some point.

24. You had to remain unpredictable and surprise your foe.

25. Ambush attacks were your specialty.

26. And you were the champion of throwing stinky socks.

27. Obviously, bunny ears were a must in family photos.

28. And if you shared a room, all you needed to do was turn the light on in the middle of the night. Sometimes the simplest tactics were the best ones.

29. And if all else failed, you could always just fart on them. Classic.

happy national sibling day, I mean I guess you're okay 😘 @chasecuts996

This post was translated from German.

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