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    20 Photos That Will Fill Servers With White-Hot Rage

    *Stands up and leaves* —every server in the world

    1. When customers treat you like a slot machine.

    2. When a customer abuses their coaster like this:

    3. When customers use their cups as trash cans.

    4. When a customer uses their cup or ashtray as a place to put their disgusting chewed gum.

    5. When everything in the refrigerator falls over and whoever caused it just leaves it for you to deal with.

    6. When your feet look like this at the end of a long shift.

    7. When you have to beg your colleagues for a new shirt midway through your shift.

    8. When you get stuck with refilling all the salt shakers.

    9. When customers want to make your life extra difficult and disgusting.

    10. Cleaning up napkins that have been well used by customers.

    11. When your aprons all get knotted up together and are impossible to untangle.

    12. Having to clean and polish all the silverware.

    13. Or being the one who has to fold all the napkins.

    14. When your shoes fall apart during a rush.

    15. When you have to collect all your pens after going to the bathroom.

    16. When the customer insists on giving you their whole life story before placing their order.

    17. When you let your checks get away from you for a little bit and have to deal with this mess:

    18. When this is what your break looks like:

    19. When you have to fill, take out, or even just touch the trash bag. No matter what, it is ALWAYS disgusting.

    20. When the end of your shift gets delayed by one little slip-up.

    This post was translated from German.

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