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    16 Ways That Waiters Are Different From All The Regular People Out There

    It's a life of tips, tricks, and...well, ideally, more tips.

    1. First of all, in the world of waitstaff, fanny packs are ALWAYS in.

    psychorooster / Via

    This ain't no passing '90s throwback trend. It's a way of life!

    2. Having a pen on you is good, but having MANY pens at the ready is always better.

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    You can even tell whether a pen will work just by looking at it.

    3. And chances are, you even have your favorite make and model:

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    And you guard those ones with your life.

    4. For waiters, this secret language makes almost a little too much sense.

    Facebook: DingeDieGastronomenNichtSagen

    It's even come up in a few dreams, tbh.

    5. You're personally familiar with almost every kind of credit card out there...

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    And there's always a few that make you roll your eyes, hard.

    6. And even though you serve people all day, the idea of eating at a table yourself is a bit foreign...

    jennifer_rae_ling / Via

    Ain't nobody got time for that!

    7. To anyone who's ever been a waiter, this constitutes an emergency:

    Facebook: DingeDieGastronomenNichtSagen

    Show of hands whose blood pressure went immediately up at this??

    8. And this is what your fridge at home always looks like:

    hogapage / Via

    A great and definite perk.

    9. Seeing this can honestly make or break an entire shift for you...

    10. And most of the shoes you own look like this...

    mirkoklose / Via

    11. And of course, your closet looks like this:

    12. Being a waiter means finessing some serious skills, not in the least in the ironing department...

    13. As well as the medical field.

    Facebook: DingeDieGastronomenNichtSagen

    You're a bandage pro at this point.

    14. A handful of coins means something entirely different to you...

    Twitter: @EmeraldsDust

    **Counts** **Sighs** **Counts again**

    15. But at least you're never working alone...

    16. And at the end of the day, you can always count on having a long-term love-hate relationship with the kitchen staff.

    A dependable constant in your life.

    This post was translated from German.

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