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    23 Reasons To Regret Learning German

    1 word in English = 13 words in German.

    1. German is not easy to translate.

    2. German leads to misunderstandings.

    3. German is ambigous.

    4. German is confusing.

    5. German has too many words.

    6. German can mean almost anything.

    7. German is so logical that it confuses you.

    8. German sounds like it was invented by a child.

    9. German is not always the language of poets and thinkers.

    10. German articles are the bosses.

    11. German always wants to feel special.

    12. In case it wasn't mentioned already: German grammar sucks.

    13. German grammar is the devil...

    14. And written-out numbers in German are the stuff of nightmares.

    15. German pushes you to your limits.

    16. You cannot explain German.

    17. Learning German is one thing, but speaking it is an entirely different beast.

    18. Sometimes, German feels so unbelievably extra.

    19. And every time you think you finally understand German...

    20. A new problem emerges.

    21. Anybody can speak German. But you have to want to learn it.

    22. German is simply absurd (sometimes).

    23. So, be smart and remember:

    This post was translated from German.